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Managing Software Updates
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The code completed successfully because there was no update conflict no other process modified the data between the time you read it and updated it . Now, still in connection 1, open a new transaction and query the data:
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Another important component of Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflow is the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Asynchronous Processing Service that is automatically installed with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Asynchronous Processing Service executes long-running operations in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including the workflow processes. The term asynchronous means that operations take place in a nonblocking manner so that the system can continue processing additional events without waiting for one action to complete. Conversely, synchronous actions need to complete entirely before the system proceeds to the next step. Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflows execute asynchronously; consequently, the Asynchronous Processing Service must be running for any Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflows to execute. Caution Because of the asynchronous nature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflow, you may
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Convert one class to two If a class has two or more distinct areas of responsibility, break the class into multiple classes, each of which has a clearly defined responsibility. Eliminate a class If a class isn t doing very much, move its code into other classes that are more cohesive and eliminate the class. Hide a delegate Sometimes Class A calls Class B and Class C, when really Class A should call only Class B, and Class B should call Class C. Ask yourself what the right abstraction is for A s interaction with B. If B should be responsible for calling C, then have B call C. Replace inheritance with delegation If a class needs to use another class but wants more control over its interface, make the superclass a field of the former subclass and then expose a set of routines that will provide a cohesive abstraction. Replace delegation with inheritance If a class exposes every public routine of a delegate class (member class), inherit from the delegate class instead of just using the class. Remove a middle man If Class A calls B, and Class B calls Class C, sometimes it works better to have Class A call Class C directly. The question of whether you should delegate to Class B or not depends on what will best maintain the integrity of Class B s interface. Introduce a foreign routine If a class needs an additional routine and you can t modify the class to provide it, you can create a new routine within the client class that provides that functionality. Introduce an extension class If a class needs several additional routines and you can t modify the class, you can create a new class that combines the unmodifiable class s functionality with the additional functionality. You can do that either by subclassing the original class and adding new routines or by wrapping the class and exposing the routines you need. Encapsulate an exposed member variable If member data is public, change the member data to private and expose the member data s value through a routine instead.
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picture, such as an image of the Irish flag, in the chart area . This is true in principle, not just in this case but in general, and applies to any kind of colored background . In fact, the next section explains exactly how it's done . However, the use of a gradient fill is much more versatile, at least in Excel 2007 . It allows you to easily meet a wide range of design requirements, such as softening the transitions between the colors, rotating the flag, altering the proportion of the total area occupied by an individual color, highly differentiated fine-tuning of each individual color, and much more . All of this would be more time-consuming if you were to use a picture instead .
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SELECT orderid, custid, empid, shipperid, orderdate, filler FROM dbo.Orders WHERE orderdate >= '20060501' AND orderdate < '20060601';
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If you later change the master page associated with a content page, make sure you implement the same public properties to ensure that the content pages continue to function correctly. If you are creating multiple master pages that might be referenced by the same set of content pages, you should derive all master pages from a single base class. Then specify the base class name in the @ MasterType declaration. This enables the content page to reference the same properties, regardless of which master page is being used.
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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Add the Async="true" attribute to the @ Page directive inside your markup. This indicates that the page implements the IHttpAsynchHandler interface. The following shows an example.
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Getting Started with BBP
Both routers must be configured as LAN and demand-dial routers. User accounts must be added for both routers on the opposite side of the
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