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In Internet Authentication Service, review the remote access policies you just
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CacheDependency dep = new CacheDependency(fileName); Cache.Insert(key, value, dep);
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Setting the Scope of the GPO
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Useful Open Source Resources
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NodePtr = (NODE_PTR) calloc( 1, sizeof( NODE ) );
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Accommodating NetBIOS Names
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4. In the Template Display Name text box, type VPNUser and ensure that the Publish Certificate In Active Directory check box is selected. 5. Click the Security tab. 6. In Group Or User Names, click Domain Users. 7. In Permissions For Domain Users, select the Enroll and Autoenroll check boxes, and click Apply. 8. In Group Or User Names, click Authenticated Users. 9. In Permissions For Authenticated Users, select the Enroll and Autoenroll check boxes, and click OK.
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6.1 The INSERT Command
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5 Solutions Overview and Concepts
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Planning for Disaster
Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides help content specific to each area of the application above entity grids and dashboards. This content appears in the Get Started pane. By default, Microsoft Dynamics CRM displays help content in the Get Started pane, but you can replace this with any content. Any SubArea element that uses the Entity attribute to display a grid of entity records in the homepage grid area can be configured to display content in the Get Started pane. Warning The Get Started Pane cannot be enabled for subarea elements that use the Url
DHCP server 1 DHCP server 1 has 80% of addresses as follows: Scope range: - Excluded addresses: -
In addition to creating HTTP-based sites, you can use Visual Studio to manage Web sites available through an FTP server . For example, if you use a remote hosting company to host your Web site, an FTP server offers a convenient way to move files back and forth between your development location and the hosting location . Visual Studio connects to any FTP server for which you have read and write access . Once connected, you then use Visual Studio to manage the content on the remote FTP server . You would use this option to deploy your Web site to a server that lacks Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions .
VPN Deployment
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