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Part V
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To enforce a link, open the Group Policy Management console, right-click the Group Policy object link in the console tree, and select Enforced, as shown in Figure 20-4.
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// Change period to exclamation and get # characters in 1st sentence (5). Int32 index = StringBuilderExtensions.IndexOf(sb.Replace('.', '!'), '!');
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Clicking Compatibility Files will take you to the VirtualStore location where the data is actually written:
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System Restore is a powerful tool, and you shouldn t disable it without a good reason . If you re extremely low on disk space and a hard disk upgrade is impractical or impossible (as on some notebook computers), you might choose to do so . Otherwise, let it run .
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Public Used when your computer is connected to a network in a public location, such as an airport or library; it s common indeed, recommended to have fewer exceptions and more restrictions when you use a public network
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Defensive programming: 8 Unusual control structures: 17 Complexity in software development: Section 5.2. Some languages support exotic kinds of data in addition to the data types discussed in the preceding chapter. Section 13.1 describes when you might still use structures rather than classes in some circumstances. Section 13.2 describes the ins and outs of using pointers. If you ve ever encountered problems associated with using global data, Section 13.3 explains how to avoid such difficulties.
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The second approach involves making an initial connection and configuring the ServicePoint that is automatically created when the GetResponse method is called. Here's an example:
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Part II Advanced Features
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Remote Access Policy Configuration
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