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it is possible that another thread could query x and get a value of 0x0123456700000000 or 0x0000000089abcdef since the read and write operations are not atomic . This is called a torn read .
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Part I Overview and Configuration
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Planning the Rest of Your Slides
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BBP Guides Attention
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string ret = dlgt.EndInvoke(ar);
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; Zero out EAX to indicate what value to look for when scanning. XOR EAX , EAX
The items that you add to the logical call context must be serializable, as discussed in 24, Runtime Serialization . Flowing an execution context that contains logical call context data items can hurt performance dramatically because capturing the execution context requires serializing and deserializing all the data items .
personalizing a newsletter, sending a sales e-mail message, or customizing and mailing a catalog, you ll find that turning the created publication into a mail merge document requires only three steps: 1. Create, add, or import the recipient list. 2. Add merge fields to your publication. 3. Merge the publications with the recipient list.
The first problem here is that the C# team felt that they were doing you a favor by calling Monitor.Exit in a finally block . Their thinking was that this ensures that the lock is always released no matter what happens inside the try block . However, this is not a good thing . If an exception occurs inside the try block while changing state, then the state is now corrupted . When the lock is exited in the finally block, another thread will now start manipulating the corrupted state . It is better to have your application hang than it is to continue running with a corrupted state and potential security holes . The second problem is that entering and leaving a try block decreases the performance of the method . And some JIT compilers won t inline a method that contains a try block in it, decreasing performance even more . So now we have slower code that lets threads access corrupted state .3 The recommendation is not to use C# s lock statement . Now we get to the Boolean lockTaken variable . Here is the problem that this variable is trying to solve . Let s say that a thread enters the try block and before calling Monitor.Enter,
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The health monitoring system works by raising and logging ASP.NET events based on your configuration. You enable these events based on what you want to monitor with respect to your application s performance and health. The monitoring occurs in a deployed environment. You can use the features of health monitoring to receive email messages about important activities, log information to the event log, and log information to SQL Server. The first step in health monitoring is to determine which events to listen for. These events are defined as classes. The classes are based on a class hierarchy that defines the data that is logged with the event. For example, a web health monitoring event class might contain information about the process that is executing your code, the HTTP request, the HTTP response, and error conditions. You can also use the base web event classes in the System.Web.Management namespace to write your own web events for health monitoring purposes. Table 8-4 lists the key web event classes and their basic use.
The DataRow Error Programming Interface The tables in this section provide a quick overview of the properties and methods available in the DataRow class for setting and getting error messages. These messages are then tracked in the <diffgr:errors> section of the DiffGram. Table 10-5 lists the error-related properties of the DataRow class. Table 10-5: Error-Related DataRow Properties Property Description HasErrors Indicates whether the row contains errors RowError Gets or sets a custom error description for the row
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