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Figure 8-5 The final two steps of a wizard that has completed successfully
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And here are the performance measures I got for the query in this case: Logical reads: 63 Physical reads: 6 CPU time: 0 ms Elapsed time: 136 ms Estimated subtree cost: 0.0620931 Interestingly, graphical execution plans in SQL Server 2000 did not clearly distinguish between an RID lookup and a clustering key lookup, the latter in fact being a seek within the clustered index. In SQL Server 2000, both were just called Bookmark Lookup. As you can see in the plans shown in Figures 3-33 and 3-35 , graphical plans in SQL Server 2005 depict the difference more accurately. This access method is efficient only when the query is very selective (a point query or a small range). Feel free to play with the range in the filter, increasing it gradually, and see how dramatically the cost increases as the range grows larger. That will happen up to the point at which the optimizer figures that it would simply be more efficient to apply a table scan rather than using the index. I'll demonstrate such an exercise later in the chapter in the "Index Optimization Scale " section. Remember that ordered operations, like the ordered partial scan part of this access method, can take place both in a forward or backwards manner. In our query's case, it was forward, but you can explore cases like a filter on orderid <= 100 , and see an ordered backwards partial scan. An indication of whether the scan was ordered forward or backwards would not show up in the operator's yellow information box; rather, it would show up in the Scan Direction measure in the operator's Properties dialog box.
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Network Service
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You must be using the Home Basic, Home Premium, or Ultimate edition of Windows Vista. You must have at least two user accounts set up on your computer an administrator account for the parent and a standard account for the child. (More adults More kids Create a separate account for each person. Be sure that each child to whom you want to apply Parental Controls has a standard account, as parental controls can t be applied to administrator accounts.) All administrator accounts on the computer should be protected by a password. (This isn t an absolute requirement, but without password protection, anyone can bypass or turn off Parental Controls. Note also that you need only one passwordprotected administrator account to manage Parental Controls. Other parents with standard accounts can use the administrator parent s credentials to run Parental Controls.)
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To configure TCP/IP properties for ROUTER2,
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Part V
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empid ----------3 7 9 11 12 13 14 empname ------------------------Ina Aaron Rita Gabriel Emilia Michael Didi lvl ----------0 1 2 2 3 3 3
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Walking Through an ASP.NET Request
Office Publisher 2007 now includes three separate merge choices to enable you to choose the one that fits the type of project you re creating. You can view the merge options by choosing Mailings And Catalogs from the Tools menu (see Figure 7-13) or by choosing the Mail Merge, E-mail Merge, or Catalog Merge task panes.
Open the Exchange Management Console if it isn t already open. Navigate to Hub Transport in the Organizational Con guration container in the left pane and then click the Accepted Domains tab in the center pane, as shown in Figure 18-18.
DECLARE @dto AS DATETIMEOFFSET = '2009-02-12 12:30:15.1234567 -05:00'; SELECT SWITCHOFFSET(@dto, '-08:00');
B. <asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="<%$
For virtually every procedure in this chapter, you need to be logged on with
Tips for Finding Defects
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