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Managing Configuration in ASP.NET 1.x
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Part II:
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Figure 11-18
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AD DS database (Ntds.dit) path. This path must be ASCII and by default it is opened as read-only. Log path. You must have write access to the path. Four port numbers for LDAP, LDAP-SSL, Global Catalog, and Global Catalog SSL. The only port that is required is the LDAP port. If you do not specify the other ports, they use LDAP+1, LDAP+2, and LDAP+3. This means that if you specify LDAP port 41389 without specifying other port values, the LDAP-SSL port will be 41390, Global Catalog will be 41391, and Global Catalog-SSL will be 41392. Even though this might look strange for people that know the default ports, it actually works this way.
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theForm.submit(); } } // --> </script> <input name="data type="text value="ASP.NET 2.0 id="data /> <a id="Button1 href="javascript:__doPostBack( Button1 , )">Click me</a> <br /> <span id="msg">ASP.NET 2.0</span> </form> </body> </html>
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Compare Performance of T-SQL and CLR Split
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Table 5-8 details the most common information functions.
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The preceding code creates an attribute override based on an element named FamilyName. This new element is added to an attribute overrides collection. In particular, the FamilyName attribute overrides the LastName element on the Employee type. The following code snippet shows how to hide a source element in this case, FirstName: SoapAttributes attrib2 = new SoapAttributes(); attrib2.SoapIgnore = true; sao.Add(typeof(Employee), "FirstName", attrib2); The attribute overrides are gathered in the SoapAttributeOverrides collection, which is then used to initialize the SoapReflectionImporter class, as shown here, and then can be used in the type mapping in the serializer: SoapReflectionImporter imp = new SoapReflectionImporter(sao); We'll return to this topic in the section "XML Serialization Attributes," on page 499. In particular, you'll learn how to add type information to plain XML serialization, when no SOAP-encoded types are involved. Deserializing XML Data to Objects The deserialization process is controlled by the Deserialize method for a variety of sources, including streams, XML readers, and text readers. Remember that by using the trick discussed in 2 for XML readers (packing a string into a StringReader object), you can also easily deserialize from strings. Although officially you can deserialize from streams and text readers, the deserialization process is actually a matter of invoking an XML reader more precisely, a very special breed of XML reader, optimized for serialization and for the specific class involved. Connected to the deserialization process is the Can-Deserialize method. This method returns a Boolean value indicating whether the XML reader is correctly positioned on the start element of the XML data. In addition, CanDeserialize ensures that the start element of the XML data is compatible with the originally saved class. Normally, you call CanDeserialize in the context of a more general strategy designed to trap as many errors and exceptions as possible. If the application always deserializes data that the XML serializer has previously created, a call to CanDeserialize can easily be redundant. The call becomes crucial, how-ever, as soon as your application begins to deserialize XML data whose genuineness and quality are not guaranteed. It is worth noting that CanDeserialize works only on XML readers, whereas Deserialize can successfully handle streams and text readers too. From a programming perspective, deserializing is not rocket science, as the following code clearly demonstrates: StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(fileName); Employee emp = (Employee) ser.Deserialize(reader); reader.Close(); During the deserialization stage, a few events can be fired. In particular, the UnknownElement, UnknownAttribute, and UnknownNode events signal when unknown and unexpected nodes are found in the XML text being deserialized. The UnknownNode event is more generic than the other two and triggers regardless of the node type on which the exception is detected. In case of unknown element or attribute nodes, the UnknownNode event is fired first.
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switch ( pixelColor ) { case Color_Red: statement1; statement2; ... break;
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Note A prolog often precedes the start tag for the root element; the prolog can contain an XML declaration
Advanced MSBuild Topics
Dynamic Data, XBAP, MVC, AJAX, and Silverlight
Lesson 2, Exercise 7
Data-Bound Controls
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