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Developing Web Forms Pages
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As you will see in the code below, as many as three route specifiers must be extracted from each row of HIGHWAYS_TEMP:
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Lesson Summary
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4. Create a script that disables all constraints in your schema. Answer: First, you must find out which SQL statement allows you to disable constraints, because your script is going to generate that statement. The following SQL command is the most obvious choice: SQL> ALTER TABLE <table-name> DISABLE CONSTRAINT <constraint-name> [CASCADE] As the next step, you must figure out how to retrieve relevant information about your constraints. The SQL*Plus DESCRIBE command is useful: SQL> describe user_constraints Name --------------------------------OWNER CONSTRAINT_NAME CONSTRAINT_TYPE TABLE_NAME SEARCH_CONDITION R_OWNER R_CONSTRAINT_NAME DELETE_RULE STATUS DEFERRABLE DEFERRED VALIDATED GENERATED BAD RELY LAST_CHANGE INDEX_OWNER INDEX_NAME INVALID VIEW_RELATED SQL> Type -----------VARCHAR2(30) VARCHAR2(30) VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30) LONG VARCHAR2(30) VARCHAR2(30) VARCHAR2(9) VARCHAR2(8) VARCHAR2(14) VARCHAR2(9) VARCHAR2(13) VARCHAR2(14) VARCHAR2(3) VARCHAR2(4) DATE VARCHAR2(30) VARCHAR2(30) VARCHAR2(7) VARCHAR2(14) Null -------NOT NULL NOT NULL
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Microsoft is interested in hearing your feedback so we can continually improve our books and learning resources for you. To participate in a brief online survey, please visit:
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How It Works: The checkout_info Componentized Template
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acceptable by the service. Any computers running highly privileged service accounts should be considered high risk and subjected to the same security restrictions and policies as domain controllers.
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For details on program layout, 0 see 31, Layout and 1 Style.
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This section highlights the differences that you will encounter if you choose to use MEF as your dependency injection container. Note: With MEF, the MefModuleManager is used by the MefBootstrapper. It extends the ModuleManager and implements the IPartImportsSatisfied Notification interface to ensure that the ModuleCatalog is updated when new types are imported by MEF. Using MEF to Register Modules Programmatically When using MEF, you can apply the ModuleExport attribute to module classes to have MEF automatically discover the types. The following is an example.
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Kaner, Cem, Jack Falk, and Hung Q. Nguyen. Testing Computer Software, 2d Ed., New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1999. This is probably the best current book on software testing. It is most applicable to testing applications that will be distributed to a widespread customer base, such as high-volume websites and shrink-wrap applications, but it is also generally useful.
MethodInfo: Int32 GetHashCode() MethodInfo: System.Type GetType() MethodInfo: Void Finalize() MethodInfo: System.Object MemberwiseClone() MethodInfo: Void FieldSetter(System.String, System.String, System.Object) MethodInfo: Void FieldGetter(System.String, System.String, System.Object ByRef) MethodInfo: System.Reflection.FieldInfo GetFieldInfo(System.String, System.String) ConstructoInfo: Void .ctor() Type: System.Collections.Generic.IComparer`1[T] MethodInfo: Int32 Compare(T, T) Type: System.Collections.IEnumerator MethodInfo: Boolean MoveNext() MethodInfo: System.Object get_Current() MethodInfo: Void Reset() PropertyInfo: System.Object Current Type: System.IDisposable MethodInfo: Void Dispose() Type: System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerator`1[T] MethodInfo: T get_Current() PropertyInfo: T Current Type: System.ArraySegment`1[T] MethodInfo: T[] get_Array() MethodInfo: Int32 get_Offset() MethodInfo: Int32 get_Count() MethodInfo: Int32 GetHashCode() MethodInfo: Boolean Equals(System.Object) MethodInfo: Boolean Equals(System.ArraySegment`1[T]) MethodInfo: Boolean op_Equality(System.ArraySegment`1[T], System.ArraySegment`1[T]) MethodInfo: Boolean op_Inequality(System.ArraySegment`1[T], System.ArraySegment`1[T]) ConstructoInfo: Void .ctor(T[]) ConstructoInfo: Void .ctor(T[], Int32, Int32) PropertyInfo: T[] Array PropertyInfo: Int32 Offset PropertyInfo: Int32 Count FieldInfo: T[] _array FieldInfo: Int32 _offset
public void EndFigure() { target.EndFigure(); } public void EndGeometry() { target.EndGeometry(); } }
Quality gate Testing Feature Bugs Closed Performance Test Plan Code Review Functional Specification Documentation Plan Security
// Return and clear the ID off the stack as it passed to this
Lesson 3
Page 20
The default Exchange Server con guration is set up when you run the initial pass of the Set Up Your Internet Address Wizard and the Con gure A Smart Host For Internet E-Mail Wizard. If you haven t completed these tasks, as described in 8, Completing the Getting Started Tasks, you need to do that rst. Before you can run the Set Up Your Internet Address Wizard, shown in Figure 18-1, you need to either have your Internet domain name registered or have a good idea of the one you want to register, along with a couple of alternatives in case the one you want isn t available. If you already have a domain, you ll need to know whether you want to manage the DNS settings for it yourself or have SBS manage it for you. Personally, we prefer managing it ourselves, using a service such as ZoneEdit.com as our DNS provider, but for many small businesses, it s just as easy to have SBS manage the domain for you.
WHERE custid IN (SELECT custid FROM Sales.Customers WHERE country = N'USA'); ROLLBACK TRAN
EXEC dbo.GetOrders '20060101';
Now we need to take the certificate we just obtained and export it for use in Active Directory. This requires going through a conversion process in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Certificate snap-in.
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