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When I was young lad, I was very curious about how things worked. One Christmas I received a demolition derby slot car set from Santa Claus. I am not sure if it was my father or I who was more excited about it because we immediately set it up on the dining room table, and he and I spent the better part of Christmas Day racing the cars around the track trying to crash into each other. It was amazingly fun especially when various parts of the car's body would fly off after some spectacular crash. Perhaps it was at this early age that I developed my penchant for breaking things. Eventually, much to our chagrin, my mother insisted the track come off the table for Christmas dinner. But after dinner Dad and I were back at it trying to out-maneuver each other until bed time. It was indeed a great day! Thereafter, when my father was busy, I cajoled my sisters into playing, but they were no match for my cunning and superb slot car handling skills. This was all great fun, but after several weeks passed, my curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to no, I needed to understand how the cars worked. So, one evening in the solitude of my bedroom I completely disassembled one of the cars to discover how the electric motor caused the wheels to turn through a series of small gears. But how did the electric motor work I discovered magnets and small coils of copper wire wrapped around plastic shafts. I watched with amazement as the electric motor spun when I touched the contacts on the track. I wondered if there was anything underneath the copper wire and proceeded to peel off the thin layer of varnish and unwind one of the coils of wire. In retrospect, that was not a very good idea because I never got that car to run again. My father was not too happy with me disassembling my new toy but nevertheless took me to the hobby shop to purchase another slot car to continue our contest. I learned a lot about electric motors and gears that day. Throughout my life, I discovered that I can learn quite a bit about some things by dissecting them and putting them back together piece by piece to understand how each part works. That passion for finding out how things work still courses through my veins today. Incessant curiosity seems to be a trait engrained in most testers. Exploring software from a user interface is important, but if testers really want to understand how software works and what it is capable of doing, we must look below the surface of the user interface and peer into the system under test. Great testers not only use their curiosity to explore the product, but also dig deeper to investigate things at a much more granular level to perform a more in-depth analysis of the capabilities and attributes of the software under test. One way to gather more in-depth information is to deconstruct the product's feature sets and test the discrete functional attributes and capabilities of the various components. Functional techniques provide testers with systematic approaches that can help achieve a more comprehensive investigation of individual features and components. There are several functional testing techniques, but in this chapter I discuss a few of the key functional testing techniques commonly used throughout Microsoft.
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version of the control until I could address the encryption routine s buffer limit was a nightmare. Deploying COM components is also a bit more difficult than it should be and can include the following problems: Version dependencies can cause a newer version of a COM component to break an older application. COM components must have the proper entries in the registry. o There s no easy way to deploy a new COM component while the existing component is running. o Developing and debugging COM components is difficult. The .NET Framework addresses the first problem of version dependency by allowing different versions of components to live side by side on the same machine. Therefore, applications can request a particular version, so older applications can use an older version of a component and won t break if another application residing on the same computer requires the newer version. The second problem made deployment and configuration of COM components more difficult. The components created for the .NET Framework are selfdescribing and don t rely on the registry. Removing this dependency on the registry makes it easier to deploy components because the components can just be copied to the proper location. The third problem wasn t much of an issue initially, when COM components were used primarily for desktop applications. Frankly, shutting down and restarting a desktop application, or even rebooting the machine, wasn t a catastrophe. There was still the hassle of having someone walk from machine to machine to perform the upgrade, but at least that was possible. As more and more COM components were used for server-based applications, and especially Web servers, however, the need to shut down an application to install a new version of the component became a serious liability. Many Web sites must be up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There s no convenient time for a shutdown. Fortunately, some alternatives are available, though they re not without problems of their own. For example, I work on a four-machine Web server cluster. If I need to update a COM component, I have to understand the difference in behavior between the old and the new versions and then make my plans accordingly. If the new component is designed to be compatible with the existing COM component and the change is merely a bug fix, all I need to do is drop the servers out of the cluster, stop required services (often the World Wide Web Publishing service and Component Services), and install the new component. I can then bring the machine with the updated component on line and move to the next server. What happens if the upgrade isn t just a bug fix but is instead adding new functionality This scenario gets a bit tricky. If the Active Server Pages (ASP) code that calls the component will be changed to use the new functionality, I need to move through all the servers to change the component and then move through the servers again to add the changed ASP code on each server. Even this plan presents potential problems. If one request to the Web server goes to a machine that knows about the added functionality of the control and the next request based on new information goes to a different server that doesn t yet have the ASP code to understand the new functionality, a problem could arise. This window of opportunity for bad things to happen isn t terribly large on a four-server cluster, but if you re working with a larger cluster, you might have real trouble.
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public static void Main() { Int32 x = 0; const Int32 iterations = 10000000;
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The moderator is responsible for keeping the inspection moving at a rate that s fast enough to be productive but slow enough to find the most errors possible. The moderator must be technically competent not necessarily an expert in the particular design or code under inspection, but capable of understanding relevant details. This person manages other aspects of the inspection, such as distributing the design or code to be reviewed and the inspection checklist, setting up a meeting room, reporting inspection results, and following up on the action items assigned at the inspection meeting.
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Properties of the GridView
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Type Description Default positional Identifies which program elements the attribute AttributeTargets.All is valid against. Valid values are any member of the System.AttributeTargets enumeration. Whether the attribute can be specified more false AllowMultiple named than once for a single element. named Whether the attribute is inherited by derived true Inherited classes or overridden members.
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objects with references to each other . To fix this problem, you need to pass a reference to your ISerializationSurrogate object to FormatterServices s static GetSurrogateForCyclicalReference method . This method returns an ISerializationSurrogate object, which you can then pass to the SurrogateSelector s AddSurrogate method . However, when you use the GetSurrogateForCyclicalReference method, your surrogate s SetObjectData method must modify the value inside the object referred to by SetObjectData s obj parameter and ultimately return null or obj to the calling method . The downloadable code that accompanies this book shows how to modify the UniversalToLocalTimeSerializationSurrogate class and the SerializationSurrogateDemo method to support cyclical references .
18. Click Next. On the Public Network page, make sure that Do Not Dial The
Most phases provide a property to skip the execution of that phase; for example, the get phase provides the property SkipGet and if this is set to true the get phase will be skipped. However, it is important to realize that the extensibility targets, in this example BeforeGet and AfterGet, for that phase will still be executed.
["Laura Smith", "Cook", "Female", "23"] Using the find (or detect) method with a code block that looks for the first matching line where the name contains Laura gives you back the data you were looking for. Where find returns the first matching element of an array or hash, find_all (or select) returns all valid matches. Let s say you want to find the people in your database whose ages are between 20 and 40: young_people = people.find_all do |p| p[3].to_i.between (20, 40) end puts young_people.inspect
24 Silverlight and ASP.NET
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