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A reviewer is anyone who has a direct interest in the design or code but who is not the author. A reviewer of a design might be the programmer who will implement the design. A tester or higher-level architect might also be involved. The role of the reviewers is to find defects. They usually find defects during preparation, and, as the design or code is discussed at the inspection meeting, the group should find considerably more defects.
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D. Correct: The Uninstall phase is called when a user removes an application with Add Or
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From the log le we can see that the HelloLogger successfully logged the build process as expected. Now that we ve shown an example of creating a completely new MSBuild logger, we ll move on to discuss employing one of the other methods of creating custom loggers mentioned previously.
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There are three categories of operator members: unary, binary, and conversion. We discuss each of these in the following sections.
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Coordinate Systems and Units of Measure
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Here are some things to note: 1. All items and properties de ned in Imports01.proj before the Import element are available to Import01.targets. 2. All items and properties de ned in Imports01.targets are available to Import01.proj after the Import element. 3. All properties and targets are de ned from top to bottom, and the last de nition that occurs is the value that persists. 4. Targets are executed after all items, properties, and imports are evaluated. Because of the rst item in the previous list, the target PrintInfo successfully was able to print out the values for the properties and items in Import01.proj. Because of second item in the previous list, the target PrintOutputPath was able to get the value for the OutputPath that was de ned in Import01.targets. The third point was not demonstrated here, but it is important to understand it. Any le can de ne any property except reserved properties, and any target it desires. Because a property and targets can have only one de nition, the last de nition encountered is the value that will be used to build the project. The last point listed, that targets begin execution after all static items and properties are processed, is very important as well. By the time any target is executed, the MSBuild engine has already completed creating its in-memory representation of the build script. This means that when a target executes, it has no connection back to the le that contains it. It could have been de ned in any le that was imported. We will now examine another set of les that will help us further understand how build les behave when importing other les. This example will be demonstrated by two new les,
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getting Started with Spatial Data
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The java.util.regex.Pattern class represents a compiled regular expression; the .NET equivalent is System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex. Whereas Java provides a static factory method for creating Pattern instances, Regex uses a constructor; we contrast these approaches in Table 7-12. Both implementations offer two overload versions with similar signatures and return an immutable representation of a compiled regular expression. The first version takes a string containing a regular expression. The second takes both a regular expression and a bit mask containing compilation flags; we discuss these flags later in this section.
16 bytes in hexadecimal format followed by 16 ASCII characters
involved, to produce a histogram showing the distribution of the log record lengths, and to show a breakdown of the log records by length, operation, and context. You can use the code in Listing 10-2 as a template to investigate the logging behavior of other kinds of activities. Simply replace the sections marked with the comments -- Preparation and -- Operation with the applicable preparation and operation code that you want to test. The code in Listing 10-2 produced the following results on my system:
lated in an IP header to be sent across an organization s IP internetwork or a public IP internetwork such as the Internet. It is a PPP-based technology, and therefore, it has functions for handling session control, address alloca tion, and routing allocation.
Further Security Considerations for IIS
<xsd:restriction base="sqltypes:nvarchar" sqltypes:localeId="1033" sqltypes:sqlCompareOptions="IgnoreCase IgnoreKanaType IgnoreWidth" sqltypes:sqlSortId="52"> <xsd:maxLength value="50" /> </xsd:restriction> </xsd:simpleType> </xsd:element> </xsd:sequence> </xsd:complexType> </xsd:element> </xsd:schema>
Commit the change in connection 1:
Avoid going to the system. Work with the system vendor to make the call faster. Most vendors want to improve their products and are glad to learn about parts of their systems with weak performance. (They may seem a little grouchy about it at first, but they really are interested.)
Boolean expressions appear in the syntax of several T-SQL statements. Most important, Boolean expressions follow the keywords WHERE, ON, and HAVING to help lter a query s result set and in CHECK constraints to provide data integrity. Boolean expressions also follow the keywords IF and WHILE to control program ow and repetition, and they appear in the CASE WHEN expression.
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