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Integration QRCode in C#.net FIGURE 6-4 Execution plan for recursive CTE

Figure 2-7. SQL*Plus shortcut properties
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Family or assembly The member is accessible by derived types in any assembly . The member is also accessible by any types in the same assembly . C# refers to family or assembly as protected internal . Public The member is accessible by any code in any assembly .
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FIGURE 2-26 Additional features offered by running a mail merge from Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook
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1 . What protocol is used to communicate between the web browser and the web
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While your movie is playing in Windows Media Player, playback controls appear at the bottom of the Player and the DVD chapter list appears in the Now Playing list (see Figure 18-1 on the next page for an example). This list provides one means of navigation within the movie you can jump to a particular chapter by double-clicking it in Now Playing. You can also get to the movie s own menu screen by clicking the DVD button (to the left of the playback controls in the Navigation bar) and choosing Root Menu from the menu.
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If you are installing Apache on a private server, laptop, or desktop machine, you probably don t have a DNS server that provides a domain URL (such as www.example.com). Therefore, for the Network Domain field, enter localhost. Enter localhost in the Server Name field as well to keep everything simple. For the administrator s e-mail, enter admin@localhost.
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In the previous section, you created a person and assigned that person to a variable (computer terminology for a placeholder ) called person_instance. Variables are an important part of programming, and they re easy to understand, especially if you have the barest of knowledge of algebra. Consider this: x = 10 This code assigns the value 10 to the variable x. x now equals 10, and you can do things like this: x * 2
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Saving Data Back to the CSV File
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Task parent = new Task(() => { varcts = new CancellationTokenSource(); vartf = new TaskFactory<Int32>(cts.Token, TaskCreationOptions.AttachedToParent, TaskContinuationOptions.ExecuteSynchronously, TaskScheduler.Default); // This tasks creates and starts varchildTasks = new[] { tf.StartNew(() => Sum(cts.Token, tf.StartNew(() => Sum(cts.Token, tf.StartNew(() => Sum(cts.Token, }; 3 child tasks 10000)), 20000)), Int32.MaxValue))
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Shielding Exceptions at WCF Service Boundaries
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CREATE PROCEDURE SetAge (@name varchar(20), @age int, @sex varchar(10) OUTPUT) AS DECLARE @oldAge int SELECT @oldAge = age, @sex = sex FROM people WHERE name = @name UPDATE people SET age = @age WHERE name = @name RETURN (@oldAge)
To fill a DataSet, you use the ExecuteDataSet method, which returns a new instance of the DataSet class populated with a table containing the data for each row set returned by the query (which may be a multiple-statement batch query). The tables in this DataSet will have default names such as Table, Table1, and Table2. If you want to load data into an existing DataSet, you use the LoadDataSet method. This allows you to specify the name(s) of the target table(s) in the DataSet, and lets you add additional tables to an existing DataSet or refresh the contents of specific tables in the DataSet. Both of these methods, ExecuteDataSet and LoadDataSet, have a similar broad set of overloads to the ExecuteReader and other methods you ve seen earlier in this chapter. You can specify a CommandType (the default is StoredProcedure) and either a SQL statement or a stored procedure name. You can also pass in an array of Object instances that represent the parameters for the query. Alternatively, you can pass to the method a Command object that contains any parameters you require. For example, the following code lines show how you can use the ExecuteDataSet method with a SQL statement; with a stored procedure and a parameter array; and with a command pre-populated with parameters. The code assumes you have created the Data Access block Database instance named db.
You then add a ScriptManager to your page. You can then define the control s markup as you would any other server control. The following shows the control in the example. Notice that the three properties of the control that manage the style of the text box are being set declaratively to style class names defined elsewhere on the page.
var items = $("h2").size();
Additional ports might be in use for speci c applications on your network, but these are the basic incoming ports that are used by SBS. After you ve installed and con gured your router, connect it to your SBS network as shown earlier in Figure 7-2. Verify that you have connectivity from the server and from your workstations to a known site. If a workstation doesn t have connectivity, reboot and try again. Verify that the DHCP assigned IP address is in the correct range.
private static void ComparingAGenericTypeVariableWithNull<T>(T obj) { if (obj == null) { /* Never executes for a value type */ } }
Testing Full Temporal Constraints
For more details about customizing the Windows user interface, see 3, Personalizing Windows Vista .
Always Call the EndXxx Method, and Call It Only Once
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