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There is one more performance improvement you might want to be aware of . Any objects that are 85,000 bytes or more in size are considered to be large objects . Large objects are allocated from a special large object heap . Objects in this heap are finalized and freed just as the small objects I ve been talking about . However, large objects are never compacted because it would waste too much CPU time to shift 85,000-byte blocks of memory down in the heap . However, you should never write code that assumes that large objects do not move in memory because the size of large objects could change from 85,000 bytes to something else in the future . To guarantee that an object doesn t move in memory, pin it as discussed in the Monitoring and Controlling the Lifetime of Objects Manually section earlier in this chapter . Large objects are always considered part of generation 2, so you should create large objects only for resources that you need to keep alive for a long time . Allocating short-lived large objects will cause generation 2 to be collected more frequently, which will hurt performance . The following program proves that large objects are always allocated in generation 2:
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System.Reflection. AssemblyFileVersionAttribute .
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Note The credit card data mentioned in this transaction is one of the magic card numbers provided by
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Table 4-3. Truth Table of the NOT Operator Op1 TRUE FALSE UNK NOT (Op1) FALSE TRUE UNK
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Controls A, on the right of the chart: The combo box control has a drop-down list, in which you can choose between 12 different time intervals: the month of January plus all of the possible intervals ranging from the start of January to the end of any other month in the same year . Clicking on the relevant entry determines how many subsequent months data is displayed in a blue data series with round markers . If the monthly values for a certain month aren t yet available (as is the case for November and December in the example shown), the data series isn t extended . The period shown is also indicated as a text in the chart header . This drop-down list is linked with a scroll bar control . You can use this control in the same way to lengthen or shorten the data series to show the data from a certain period of time (from January to ) . Note To some, this option for changing the length of a data series may appear nothing more
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<Target Name="TargetBatching01" Outputs="%(Server.Name)"> <Message Text="===== TargetBatching01 ============" /> <Message Text="%25(Server.Name): %(Server.Name)" /> <Message Text="%25(Server.Type): %(Server.Type)" /> <Message Text="Server: @(Server)" /> <Message Text="===================================" /> </Target>
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& = false | = true & = false | = false & = false | = null
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Design of the Access Options
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C ha p ter 3 r U B Y S B U ILDI NG B LO C K S : D a t a , e X p r e S S I O N S , a N D F LO W C O N t r O L
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Sample of Visual Basic Code Dim empXml = New _ XElement("Employees", From emp In employees Select New _ XElement("Employee", New XElement("Id", emp.ID), New XElement("Name", emp.First & " " & emp.Last), New XElement("Department", emp.Department) ) ) Sample of C# Code var empXml = new XElement("Employees", from emp in employees select new XElement("Employee", new XElement("Id", emp.ID), new XElement("Name", emp.First + " " + emp.Last), new XElement("Department", emp.Department) ) );
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Ch apt er 2 n p r OG r a MMING == J OY: a WhI S t Le - S t O p t O U r O F r U B Y a N D O B Je C t O r I e N t a t I O N
22.4 Typical Errors
This example presents a hash called people that contains two entries with keys of 'fred' and 'janet', each of which refers to another hash containing information about each person. These sorts of structures are common in Ruby (as well as in Perl and C++). They are covered in more depth in 3 and throughout this book. Typically, compared to other languages, the syntax is simple, and in Ruby, the simplest answer is usually the right one.
Old Oracle-Specific Outer Join Syntax.................................................................................................. 206 New Outer Join Syntax ......................................................................................................................... 207 Outer Joins and Performance............................................................................................................... 208
The .NET providers asynchronous pattern is consistent with the .NET Framework pattern for asynchronous operations. Let s briefly review the basics. The .NET Framework allows you to call any method of any class asynchronously. You first define a delegate with the same signature as the method to call, and the CLR defines a pair of methods BeginInvoke and EndInvoke for this delegate. For example, suppose you have a class method named ReverseString, which takes a string and returns a string with characters reordered from right to left. The delegate for this method looks like the following:
4 3 4 3 2 3
Compressing JavaScript Files
var theContainer = new UnityContainer().LoadConfiguration();
CHAPTER 3: Working with the Nokia Qt SDK
SET NOCOUNT ON; USE InsideTSQL2008; IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.Nums') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.Nums; CREATE TABLE dbo.Nums(n INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY); DECLARE @max AS INT, @rc AS INT; SET @max = 1000000; SET @rc = 1; INSERT INTO Nums VALUES(1); WHILE @rc * 2 <= @max
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