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Integration qrcode in .net C# FIGURE 6-2 Execution plan for a NOT EXISTS query

WITH OrdersRN AS ( SELECT EmployeeID, OrderID, OrderDate, RequiredDate, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY EmployeeID ORDER BY OrderDate, OrderID) AS rn FROM dbo.Orders ) SELECT Cur.EmployeeID, Cur.OrderID AS CurOrderID, Prv.OrderID AS PrvOrderID, Cur.OrderDate AS CurOrderDate, Prv.OrderDate AS PrvOrderDate, Cur.RequiredDate AS CurReqDate, Prv.RequiredDate AS PrvReqDate FROM OrdersRN AS Cur LEFT OUTER JOIN OrdersRN AS Prv ON Cur.EmployeeID = Prv.EmployeeID AND Cur.rn = Prv.rn + 1 ORDER BY Cur.EmployeeID, Cur.OrderDate, Cur.OrderID;
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Methods for raising the Init, Load, PreRender, and Unload events Methods for managing child controls
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Scenario #3 is illustrated in Figure 10-23. In this scenario, the remote access permission for User1 s account has been modified from the default setting to Allow Access. In this case, the remote access permission setting is ignored in the Telecommuters remote access policy. However, the policy profile is still read and applied. As a result, User1 is permitted remote access unless the day is Sunday.
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Test connectivity
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SQL Server 2005 introduces the ability to create your own user-defined aggregates (UDA). You write UDAs in a .NET language of your choice (for example, C# or Microsoft Visual Basic .NET), and you use them in T-SQL. This book is dedicated to T-SQL and not to common language runtime (CLR), so it won't conduct lengthy discussions explaining CLR UDAs. Rather, you'll be provided with a couple of examples with step-by-step instructions and, of course, the T-SQL interfaces involved. Examples will be provided in both C# and Visual Basic.
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In its default size, the Details pane has room to display a small thumbnail of the selected file (if a thumbnail is available), plus a few properties. The number of properties shown depends on your screen resolution. In the following illustration, taken at 1024 x 768, we see only five properties Title, Authors, Size, Date Modified, and Tags.
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Lesson 1: Configuring Globalization and Localization
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If Me.ValidateUser(UserName, Password, userDr) = False Then GetArticle = "Sorry, User Information passed is invalid." Exit Function End If If the user IS valid, we might want to record that they were here...Left as an exercize for the reader Try cn = Me.GetConnection() cmd = New SqlCommand("spSelectArticle", cn) cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure cmd.Parameters.Add("@Author", Author) Try dt = Date.Parse(ArticleDate) cmd.Parameters.Add("@ArticleDate", dt) Catch edt As Exception Ignore...This is an "expected" exception. Finally dr = cmd.ExecuteReader() dr.Read() GetArticle = CType(dr("ArticleText"), String)
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The Control Panel is a centralized panel where the administrator can jump to the most common parts of the site. This page is essentially the home page of the Administrator interface. While at first glance the page may reveal only a number of navigation buttons,
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Theme and Variations
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In this code, the compute-bound operation s loop periodically checks to see if the operation has been canceled by calling CancellationToken s ThrowIfCancellationRequested method . This method is similar to CancellationToken s IsCancellationRequested property shown earlier in the Cooperative Cancellation section . However, ThrowIfCancellationRequested throws an OperationCanceledException if the CancellationTokenSource has been canceled . The reason for throwing an exception is because, unlike work items initiated with ThreadPool s QueueUserWorkItem method, tasks have the notion of having completed and a task can even return a value . So, there needs to be a way to distinguish a completed task from a faulting task, and having the task throw an exception lets you know that the task did not run all the way to completion . Now, we will create the CancellationTokenSource and Task objects as follows:
<ProjectsToBuild Include="project2.csproj"> <AdditionalProperties> OutputPath=outputRoot\%(ProjectsToBuild.Filename); </AdditionalProperties> </ProjectsToBuild> <ProjectsToBuild Include="project3.csproj"> <AdditionalProperties> OutputPath=outputRoot\%(ProjectsToBuild.Filename); </AdditionalProperties> </ProjectsToBuild> </ItemGroup> <!-- These will be built in parallel --> <MSBuild Projects="@(ProjectsToBuild)" BuildInParallel="true" /> </Target>
This line also produces IL that allocates the instance on the thread s stack and zeroes the fields. The only difference is that C# thinks the instance initialized if you use the new operator. The following code will make this point clear:
CREATE UNIQUE CLUSTERED INDEX idx_dt_type ON dbo.WaitStats(dt, wait_type); CREATE INDEX idx_type_dt ON dbo.WaitStats(wait_type, dt);
Lesson 3
In this chapter, we examined the building blocks of XML and explored the rationale behind XML readers and writers a new and innovative way to perform basic operations on XML data sources. In the .NET Framework, XML readers introduce a database-like cursor model to navigate through data. The cursor model falls somewhere between the well-known XMLDOM and SAX models. Not as expensive as XMLDOM and more programmer-friendly than SAX, the .NET Framework cursor model presents XML as just another data format you can work on using a familiar approach. As a developer, you are certainly familiar with I/O operations accomplished on a file or a database. Why should XML data sources be totally different The node becomes just another atomic element, along with the database row or the byte. Ad hoc methods make it possible for you to move through nodes in a straightforward, effective way. Readers and writers are not the only tools you can use to create XML-driven .NET applications. Another group of classes work according to the specification of the W3C DOM. XSLT and XPath expressions are a pair of XML-related technologies that are popular with developers and effective for arranging applications. In the .NET Framework, you find made-to-measure classes that make XML-to-XML transformation and query evaluation fast and easy. All the XML technologies introduced in this chapter will be covered in depth in the chapters that follow, beginning with XML readers in 2.
Although outer joins obviously imply some additional processing for the DBMS, there is no reason to avoid outer joins for performance reasons. The Oracle optimizer knows how to handle outer joins efficiently. Moreover, given a certain data model, you sometimes need outer joins. Don t try to invent your own workarounds in such cases, and don t believe unfounded statements like outer joins are bad. In Section 8.9, we will revisit outer joins to discuss partitioned outer joins.
Shortcuts to all open tabs are created and saved in a new subfolder using the name you specify in the Tab Group Name box. The Create In list allows you to choose the folder in which your new subfolder will be created. You can t edit any details about the individual favorites created in your new subfolder. Each one is added using the default title as defined by the website designer. If the name you enter in the Tab Group Name already exists, all currently open tabs are added to the existing group.
USE master; IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.sp_pivot', 'P') IS NOT NULL DROP PROC dbo.sp_pivot;
Assembly Loading
EventName Predicate --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------error_reported <or><leaf><comparator name="greater_than_equal_int64" package="package0" /><event name="error_reported" package="sqlserver" field="severity" /> <value>20</value></leaf> <or><or><or><or><or><or> <leaf><comparator name="equal_int64" package="package0" /><event scheduler_monitor_non_yielding_ring_buffer_recorded NULL wait_info Predicate too large for display wait_info_external Predicate too large for display xml_deadlock_report NULL
Programming Silverlight 3 with .NET
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