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As you can see, you can invoke GACUtil.exe specifying the /i switch to install an assembly into the GAC, and you can use GACUtil.exe s /u switch to uninstall an assembly from the GAC. Note that you can t ever place a weakly named assembly into the GAC. If you pass the filename of a weakly named assembly to GACUtil.exe, it displays the following error message: Failure adding assembly to the cache: Attempt to install an assembly without a strong name. By default, the GAC can be manipulated only by a user belonging to the Windows Administrators group. GACUtil.exe will fail to install or uninstall an assembly if the user invoking the execution of the utility isn t a member of this group. Using GACUtil.exe s /i switch is very convenient for developer testing. However, if you use GACUtil.exe to deploy an assembly in a production environment, it s recommended that you use GACUtil.exe s /ir switch instead and its /ur switch to uninstall the assembly. The /ir switch integrates the installation with the Windows install and uninstall engine. Basically, it tells the system which application requires the assembly and then ties the application and the assembly together. Note If a strongly named assembly is packaged in a cabinet (.cab) file or is compressed in some way, the assembly s file must first be decompressed to temporary file(s) before you use GACUtil.exe to install the assembly s files into the GAC. Once the assembly s files have been installed, the temporary file(s) can be deleted. The GACUtil.exe tool doesn t ship with the end user .NET Framework redistributable package. If your application includes some assemblies that you want deployed into the GAC, you must use the Windows Installer (MSI) version 2 or later because MSI is the only tool that is guaranteed to be on end user machines and capable of installing assemblies into the GAC. (You can determine which version of the Windows Installer is installed by running MSIExec.exe.) Important Globally deploying assembly files into the GAC is a form of registering the assembly, although the actual Windows registry isn t affected in any way. Installing assemblies into the GAC breaks the goal of simple application installation, backup, restore, moving, and uninstall. So really, you get only the simple story when you avoid global deployment and use private deployment exclusively. What is the purpose of registering an assembly in the GAC Well, say two companies each produce a Calculus assembly consisting of one file: Calculus.dll. Obviously, both these files can t go 73 Note
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More Info You can nd a more detailed discussion about set operators in 7.
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Imports System.Web Imports System.Web.SessionState
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Here are the step-by-step instructions you need to follow to create the assemblies in Visual Studio 2005:
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Deploying the UDT Using T-SQL
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Windows PowerShell Windows Process Activation Service
String file = Assembly.GetEntryAssembly().Location; FileAttributes attributes = File.GetAttributes(file); Console.WriteLine("Is {0} hidden {1}", file, (attributes & FileAttributes.Hidden) != 0);
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Adding an Article to Your Site
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Prints the help message showing all available options Displays all targets for which the description attribute has been set Prints the version of Ant Prints a diagnostics report that shows information like file sizes and compilation dates; useful for reporting bugs
SELECT shipper_id, companyname FROM Sales.MyShippers AS S WHERE shipper_id NOT IN (SELECT O.shipper_id FROM Sales.Orders AS O WHERE O.custid = 43); Msg 207, Level 16, State 1, Line 4 Invalid column name 'shipper_id'.
Consider the following when you are designing your application to maximize the capabilities for upgrading it, and to make it easier to deploy updated versions: If you intend to use in-place upgrades, ensure that state held within the service is replicated or stored outside the roles, so that it is not lost when roles restart after the upgrade process completes. Roles must correctly re-initialize when they restart, and they should not assume that locally held state is available.
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