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IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.LargeOrders') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.LargeOrders; GO SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY (SELECT 0)) AS orderid, O1.custid, O1.empid, O1.orderdate, O1.requireddate, O1.shippeddate, O1.shipperid, O1.freight, O1.shipname, O1.shipaddress, O1.shipcity, O1.shipregion, O1.shippostalcode, O1.shipcountry INTO dbo.LargeOrders FROM Sales.Orders AS O1 CROSS JOIN Sales.Orders AS O2; CREATE UNIQUE CLUSTERED INDEX idx_od_oid ON dbo.LargeOrders(orderdate, orderid);
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Get updates for other Microsoft products
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In this case, the page was simply submitted, causing only the Page_Load to be executed . Page_Load displays both the sessionString member variable (which is empty because it lives and dies with the page) and the data from the Session object (which lives independently of the page) . As you can see, session state is pretty convenient . However, you wouldn t get very far if all you could do was store simple strings and scalars . Fortunately, the session dictionary stores all manner of CLR objects .
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While you re at it, print any additional handouts you ll reference during the presentation, such as Microsoft Of ce Visio 2007 diagrams or ow charts, Microsoft Of ce Excel 2007 spreadsheets, and detailed charts and graphs.
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private readonly IAzureQueue<T> queue; private TimeSpan interval; protected BatchProcessingQueueHandler(IAzureQueue<T> queue) { this.queue = queue; this.interval = TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(200); } public static BatchProcessingQueueHandler<T> For( IAzureQueue<T> queue) { if (queue == null) { throw new ArgumentNullException("queue"); } return new BatchProcessingQueueHandler<T>(queue); }
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The simplest way to keep all the computers on your network up to date is to enable automatic updating on each computer. If you have a small network in a home environment, go to each computer, open Windows Update, click Change Settings, and be sure it s set to download and install automatically. But that s not always practical or efficient. If you have a dial-up connection to the internet, for example, you ll spend a lot of time connected as each computer independently downloads large updates. And in larger networks, even those with lightning-fast internet connections, administrators might want to control which updates get installed (and when) rather than leaving it up to individual users. Microsoft provides the following ways to manage updates in situations where setting Windows Update to automatic on all computers is impractical:
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variables. /* The event information for the ; /* The last error value
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Another free GUI tool is available from Special Operations Software: SpecopsPasswordPolicybasic/
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Do Your Figures Need More Format
648 ChAPTER 11
Page 8
SELECT n FROM dbo.Nums WHERE n BETWEEN (SELECT MIN(seqval) FROM dbo.NumSeq) AND (SELECT MAX(seqval) FROM dbo.NumSeq) AND n NOT IN(SELECT seqval FROM dbo.NumSeq);
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Which Charts for Which Purpose
Updating the Status of an Order
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