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Generating QR Code JIS X 0510 in visual C# An Examination of Set-Based vs. Iterative/Procedural Approaches and a Tuning Exercise

AutoPlay is the feature that enables Windows to take appropriate action when you insert a CD or DVD into a drive. The operating system detects the kind of disc you have inserted an audio disc, a program, or a DVD movie, for example and takes the action that you have requested for that type of media. If you have not already made a decision about what the operating system should do, an AutoPlay dialog box appears when the disc is detected, and Windows presents a list of possible actions (including in some cases an option to do nothing at all). A check box in this dialog box lets you specify that the action you re currently choosing is should be the default for all discs of the current type. Figure 3-35 shows an example of the AutoPlay dialog box.
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Figure 10-18. Silverlight application with styles Applied Now, let s say that you want to change the width of the text boxes in your application. Currently, their width is automatically set, but you would like to change them to a fixed width of 400 pixels. If you were using inline properties, as in the first two exercises in this chapter, you would need to set the property for each TextBox control in your application. However, since you are using Silverlight styles, you can simply change the TextBoxStyle, and all TextBox controls assigned to that style will be updated automatically. Let s see how this works. 11. To modify the TextBoxStyle property from Expression Blend, click the Resources panel. When you expand the UserControl item, you will see your two styles listed. To the right of TextBoxStyle, you will see an Edit Resource button, as shown in Figure 10-19. Click this button, and you will see that you have returned to the TextBoxStyle s design scope.
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Table 7-5. Substring Manipulation in Java and .NET
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Caution You should be careful with the destructive DROP COLUMN option. Some database applications may depend on the existence of the column you are dropping.
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Before we test the first page of the TechConf Spring application, we need to configure the Web deployment descriptor web.xml. This web.xml descriptor will be a little more involved than the previous one created for a simple introductory example. As mentioned previously and outlined in Figure 6-5, the Spring application context for the TechConf application has been modularized into three separate XML files, one per application tier. Listing 6-33 shows the Web deployment descriptor for the TechConf application. The contextConfigLocation property is the location of the Spring beans application context files. By default, Spring loads the application context techconf-servlet.xml ; therefore we only need to load the two remaining application contexts for the data and service tiers. Listing 6-33. Web Deployment Descriptor for TechConf Spring Application < xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" > <web-app xmlns="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/j2ee" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/j2ee web-app_2_4.xsd" version="2.4">
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protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { this.ServerControl11.Text = this.TextBox1.Text; }
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Figure 3-1. HatShop front page and two of its featured products
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After filling in the blanks, click Next. The wizard s second step, shown in Figure 18-6, allows you to exercise some control over exactly how much of the recorded video ends up stored in files on your hard disk.
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Note In order to use reserved characters such as the % and @ you have to escape. This is
or other network component
Select Stand-Alone Namespace to create the namespace on a single server or server cluster. An example of a standalone namespace is \\srv1\public.
The Page.Load event is only processed when the browser requests a page. If you were to run the page in its current state, nothing would happen when the user selected Guest from the drop-down list. To force the browser to submit the form when the user changes the selected item in the UserTypeDropDownList, set UserTypeDropDownList.AutoPostBack to true. You can do this from Design view select the drop-down list, view the Properties window, and set the value of AutoPostBack to true. Run the webpage. With Registered User selected, notice that the user name and password text boxes appear. Type a user name and password, and then click Logon. Notice that the Button.Click event handler redirects the browser to Home.aspx. Return to the Default.aspx page. Click the drop-down list and select Guest. Notice that the web browser immediately submits the form to the server, which causes the Page.Load method to run again. Because the user has now selected Guest, the Page.Load method hides the password text box. If you select Registered User, ASP.NET makes the password text box visible again.
Something You Know, Something You Have
Page 96 and use in your Microsoft Producer presentations. How the still images are stored on your video camera depends on the particular camera. Some video cameras have a floppy disk adapter that lets you save the images to disk, while some other video cameras store the images to removable media. For many of the MiniDV cameras, you can use the IEEE 1394 connection to transfer still images to your computer. Video Effects Video effects include a variety of features that let you change the way your recorded video looks. For example, some cameras enable you to record in black and white. The negative effect switches colors to their opposites (like a color film negative). Some effects, such as solarize and mosaic, digitally distort your video. Note, however, that these features are not provided on all cameras, and your particular camera may provide other effects not described in this book. You can choose to record video as usual and then add these effects to your video when it s recorded to your computer in Microsoft Producer. Using the video effects while recording can limit the use of your video because the effects are recorded to tape; therefore, they cannot be removed from the tape. Microsoft Producer includes a variety of video effects that you can add to your video after it has been transferred to your computer. Therefore, if you plan to reuse the video you are recording, you may want to record without effects, and then add an individual video effect when needed for your presentation in Microsoft Producer. If you choose to reuse the video later in the presentation or in a different presentation where the video effects are not well suited, you still have the original video without any added effects. Some Basic Shots When recording video, you can use the different features of your video camera to get the video you need for your presentation. When using your video camera, there are basic shots you can use to record the video you want. Each shot becomes a small story within the overall presentation. Individual shots are the basic elements of the entire video you record. Each of the following sections describes a basic shot you might use. Static The first basic shot for recording video is a static shot. The video camera remains stationary and only the people or other objects that are being recorded move. A tripod or monopod is especially useful for static shots because it helps to keep the video camera still, which results in smooth video.
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