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Estimated lesson time: 30 minutes
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To disable APIPA for multiple adapters by editing the Registry, complete the following steps: 1. Set the value of the IPAutoconfigurationEnabled entry to 0 (REG_DWORD data type) in the following Registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters 2. Restart the computer.
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Note The XML format isn t designed to handle huge sets of complex data or binary objects such as graphics.
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Sample of Visual Basic Code Protected Sub SubmitButton_Click(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles ButtonSubmit.Click ChosenLabel.Text = String.Format("{0} at {1}", ChoiceDropDownList. SelectedValue, _ DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay.ToString()) End Sub Sample of C# Code protected void SubmitButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { ChosenLabel.Text = String.Format("{0} at {1}", ChoiceDropDownList. SelectedValue, DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay.ToString()); }
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Even if something goes wrong, you can still produce a solid presentation experience. For example, if your speaking time is unexpectedly cut from 45 minutes to 15 or even 5 minutes, you can quickly scale the presentation to the reduced time by hiding slides, as you did in 6. If your computer crashes and you have no way to recover it, you can still cover all of the presentation points by using a printout of the story template, storyboard, outline, notes pages, or slides. If the projector bulb burns out and you have no spare, your simple slides might be clear enough to be seen on the computer screen by a small audience at a table. Your thorough preparation will enable you to carry out the presentation with con dence, no matter what problems come your way. If the presentation is particularly critical, such as the opening statement at a high-stakes legal trial or a keynote presentation to a large group at an important conference, arrange for your associates to run a second presentation in parallel as a backup, and connect both computers to a switch that way, if something unexpected were to happen, you could switch to the second presentation without distraction.
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Comments Gets the value of a field from a specific instance of the declaring type.
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<soap address="http://localhost/10_SimpleService/Simple.asmx" xmlns:q1="http://tempuri.org/" binding="q1:SimpleSoap" xmlns="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/disco/soap/" /> </discovery> This example specifies that the service description can be obtained at http://localhost/10_SimpleService/Simple.asmx wsdl. SOAP has been around since 1999, but there haven t been huge numbers of developers using it to create SOAP applications. For the most part, this lack of popularity is because creating SOAP-compliant applications isn t easy. Creating a SOAP application is simpler than creating a DCOM application, but it s still not simple. Part of the problem for Windows developers is that there was a lengthy calm before the .NET storm in terms of development tools for developers on the Windows platform. For example, Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0 gives a copyright date of 1997 98 before SOAP was even proposed. Microsoft has released a number of SOAP toolkits; however, these toolkits haven t met with the same level of acceptance.
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By necessity, if you want to determine something about data, you have to inspect the data. For example, to determine the lowest salary among an organization s employees, you need to inspect each employee s salary. This suggests that there are never algorithms that can handle n items in less than n operations or that n is the most ef cient complexity possible. An algorithm that handles input size n with complexity better than n is called a sublinear algorithm. Are there any algorithms with sublinear complexity Yes, there are. We saw one such algorithm earlier. The quarter-retrieval problem can be solved in a single operation, regardless of the number of coins, if the coins are organized in two jars one for quarters and one for other coins. At rst, you might consider this strategy for achieving sublinear performance to be a bit of a cheat. After all, it takes at least n steps to organize n coins, so even if the retrieval of a quarter can be accomplished in one step, the entire workload of organizing n coins, then retrieving a quarter, takes at least n steps. However, you need to organize the coins only once. Once you ve organized the coins into two jars, you can retrieve quarters repeatedly using the fast algorithm (take a coin from the quarters jar). If you can solve a problem in sublinear time, it must be the case that you don t need to inspect all the data to solve the problem. Later in this chapter, we ll see examples of problems that can be answered without looking at all the data. In some cases, it s obvious this is possible; in other cases, it s not, and the algorithms are surprisingly clever.
The CLR doesn t actually work with modules, it works with assemblies . An assembly is an abstract concept that can be difficult to grasp initially . First, an assembly is a logical grouping of one or more modules or resource files . Second, an assembly is the smallest unit of reuse, security, and versioning . Depending on the choices you make with your compilers or tools, you can produce a single-file or a multifile assembly . In the CLR world, an assembly is what we would call a component . In 2, I ll go over assemblies in great detail, so I don t want to spend a lot of time on them here . All I want to do now is make you aware that there is this extra conceptual notion that offers a way to treat a group of files as a single entity . Figure 1-2 should help explain what assemblies are about . In this figure, some managed modules and resource (or data) files are being processed by a tool . This tool produces a single PE32(+) file that represents the logical grouping of files . What happens is that this PE32(+) file contains a block of data called the manifest . The manifest is simply another set of metadata tables . These tables describe the files that make up the assembly, the publicly exported types implemented by the files in the assembly, and the resource or data files that are associated with the assembly .
IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.FormatDatetime', 'SF') IS NOT NULL DROP FUNCTION dbo.FormatDatetime; GO
becomes larger, more complicated, and runs for a longer period of time, it becomes desirable to scale your build across multiple machines and this functionality wasn t available out-of-the-box. Team Build 2010 makes it effortless to run tasks on multiple build agents by allowing you to add multiple instances of the AgentScopeActivity to the build de nition s process. Each of the activities can target the same or different build agents. For example, you could add two instances of the AgentScopeActivity, one to do a debug build and one to do a release build and con gure these to execute on any available build agent. Alternatively, you could con gure one to execute the debug and release builds on any build agent tagged with build and con gure the other to execute the unit tests on any build agent tagged with test. Figure C-7 shows an example of what a build process like this could look like.
public void PromoteEmployee(Object o) { // At this point, the compiler doesn t know exactly what // type of object o refers to. So the compiler allows the // code to compile. However, at run time, the CLR does know // what type o refers to (each time the cast is performed) and // it checks whether the object s type is Employee or any type // that is derived from Employee. Employee e = (Employee) o; } }
Programming a uDT
BEGIN TRAN MERGE INTO dbo.Customers AS TGT USING dbo.CustomersStage AS SRC ON TGT.custid = SRC.custid WHEN MATCHED THEN UPDATE SET TGT.companyname = SRC.companyname, TGT.phone = SRC.phone, TGT.address = SRC.address; ROLLBACK TRAN
Painting Video Using the VideoBrush
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