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Finally, tasks support parent/child relationships, as demonstrated by the following code:
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FIGURE 11-4 PrivateAssemblies directory
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Routing And Remote Access
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Creating a New Toolbar
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The process running the build must have Administrator rights to the IIS server. IIS must have read/write access to the folder where the les are being placed. Copying les one by one can be very slow. If you encrypt the web.con g on the build machine you must make sure that the machine key is the same on the build server as the IIS server.
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As mentioned in 3, if you were a lmmaker with a nished script, you d probably hire a storyboard artist to sketch frames of selected scenes from your script. These initial sketches enable everyone on the production team to begin to see how the lm will look so that they can start to turn the words from the script into spoken words and projected images. A storyboard is a powerful tool because it lets you see many frames from a story in a single view and consider how those frames relate to one another through a narrative. Without this important perspective, you would nd it hard to see how the parts link together to become a coherent whole. You won t need to hire a storyboard artist to create your storyboard; instead you ll adapt the basic techniques of creating a storyboard to your PowerPoint presentation to help you to organize the visual and verbal pieces of your story. This will shift your thinking of a PowerPoint presentation from individual slides toward slides related as frames in a strip of lm. By setting up a new PowerPoint presentation in this way, you ll use the storyboard not only to plan your words and visuals but also to present them to the audience using a single media document that works across projector, paper, and browser.
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Sample of Visual Basic Code Label1.Text = String.Format("User: {0}, Lang: {1}, Page: {2}", _ Server.HtmlEncode(Request.QueryString("user")), _ Server.HtmlEncode(Request.QueryString("lang"))) Sample of C# Code Label1.Text = string.Format("User: {0}, Lang: {1}, Page: {2}", Server.HtmlEncode(Request.QueryString["user"]), Server.HtmlEncode(Request.QueryString["lang"])); code 39 generator software
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languages, this distinction is almost always implicit. For example, suppose that you want to know when someone can meet with you, and the answer you get is next Thursday or Friday. In this case, you probably interpret the OR in its exclusive meaning. What about SQL is the OR operator inclusive or exclusive Listing 4-17 shows the answer. Listing 4-17. Combining Conditions with OR select from where or CODE ---JAV PLS XML RSD code, category, duration courses category = 'BLD' duration = 2;
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To perform basic installation and configuration
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The return on sales is calculated in cell C10 (as you can see, the rS1 range names are used again) . The data source of the chart is derived in C13:C14 based on the before mentioned information . Both values always total 100, so the size of the pie slice concerned always corresponds to the percent or cents of sales on return . The chart background contains a picture that can be found on the CD-ROM under \Materials\Pictures\Euro.tif .
Take No Action Restart The Service Run A Program Restart The Computer
Note This code uses EXEC and not sp_executesql . Remember that sp_executesql is mainly
Microsoft anticipated that a common reason for sending a message might be to warn users about the computer restarting because of a service restart or failure. The Before Restart, Send This Message To Computers On The Network option can be enabled under the Restart Computer Options, as shown in Figure 6-7.
will work correctly with data binding . When a control binds to a collection composed of classes, it will look for the fields to expose through their property names . Using the databinding controls, you can specify a display name (that is, the value that will appear in the control), and you can specify a second hidden value to be associated with the item that was selected . In the case of rendering collections of managed objects, the binding architecture depends on these fields being exposed as properties .
1. Here, you open a palette of different styles . When you assign one, you can specify whether it is to be applied to the whole object or only to the selected text . 2. You can use the Text Fill commands to handle the string or several of their characters in the way you re familiar with by now when using drawing objects; that is, you can fill them with colors, gradual gradients, textures, and picture objects . 3. You use the commands associated with the words Text Outline to change the external outline of the character . 4. You can also use the effects described earlier for designing shapes for handling WordArt objects . The Transform command here deserves more explanation, which I ll provide later in the context of Figure 5-23 .
Finally, let me point out that you can define your own value types that overload the various operators mentioned above . I discuss how to do this in the Operator Overload Methods section in 8, Methods . If you then use a nullable instance of your own value type, the compiler does the right thing and invokes your overloaded operator . For example, suppose that you have a Point value type that defines overloads for the == and != operators as follows:
The CoreClean, CoreCompile, and CoreTest targets also depend on the ComputeCon gurationList target, which builds a list of con gurations based on the Con gurationToBuild item group. The Con gurationToBuild item group is initially populated by the con gurations and platforms selected in the Con gurations tab of the MSBuild Project File Creation Wizard discussed in 10. The Include attribute must be unique for each con guration to be built and defaults to FlavorToBuild|PlatformToBuild. Each Con gurationToBuild item also includes metadata specifying the FlavorToBuild (Debug, Release, etc.) and the PlatformToBuild (Any CPU, x86, x64, etc.). This example will build the solutions four times for each combination of the Debug and Release con gurations and the x86 and x64 platforms:
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