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Note In this example, ORDER BY has two purposes: to specify which rows TOP should lter and to control the order of rows in the result set for presentation purposes.
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The new look of the 2007 Microsoft Office system Help window
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Logical Query Processing Phases
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errors, warnings, test passes and failures, and code coverage results for each con guration as well as a hyperlink to the test result details (*.trx). The Associated Changesets and Associated Work Items sections shown in Figure 10-21 list the changesets and work items that are associated with this build but not earlier builds of the same build de nition. This information is extremely useful for providing traceability and in identifying what change caused a build failure or to guide testing of speci c builds. Clicking the changeset number opens changeset in the standard changeset dialog box, and clicking the work item number opens the work item in the standard work item form.
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void button1_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) { // Do something, the button was clicked... }
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Advanced MSBuild Topics
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Differentiating Between Remote Access Clients and Routers
The .NET Debug object is intriguing because you can see the output in multiple ways. The output for the Debug object and the Trace object for that matter goes through another object, named a TraceListener. Classes derived from TraceListener are added to the Debug object's Listener collection property. The beauty of the TraceListener approach is that each time an assertion fails, the Debug object runs through the Listener collection and calls each TraceListener object in turn. This convenient functionality means that even when new and improved ways of reporting assertions surface, you won't have to make major code changes to benefit from them. Even better, in the next section, I'll show you how you can add new TraceListener objects without changing your code at all, which makes for ultimate extensibility! The default TraceListener object, appropriately named DefaultTraceListener, sends the output to two different places, the most visible of which is the assertion message box shown in Figure 3-1. As you can see in the figure, the bulk of the message box is taken up with the stack walk and parameter types as well as the source and line for each item. The top lines of the message box report the string values you passed to Debug.Assert. In
Setup and Installation
Dariusz korzun, Database Administrator Wendy Richardson, iT manager The company is doing well, but we don t have any budget to upgrade the server. So find a way to make the application more efficient.
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