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SalaryCalculator calc = new SalaryCalculator(); Console.WriteLine("Result is: {0}", calc.RaiseArgumentOutOfRangeException("jsmith", 0));
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There are several tasks that need to be done on all SBS 2003 networks to prepare for the actual migration, including the following: Upgrade the Active Directory schema. Set the Microsoft Exchange Server mode.
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Working with Client-Side Scripting, AJAX, and jQuery
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DotNetReferencesManager .GetAllReferences method to populate it . The var type is a typeless collection useful for managing a collection of things for when you don t know the type of objects in the collection ahead of time . The code you should add is in bold type in the following example:
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with applications that are deployed to computers. Each type of deployment maintains its own set of applications and settings.
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SELECT DISTINCT C.companyname AS customer, S.companyname AS supplier FROM Sales.Customers AS C JOIN Sales.Orders AS O ON O.custid = C.custid JOIN Sales.OrderDetails AS OD ON OD.orderid = O.orderid JOIN Production.Products AS P ON P.productid = OD.productid JOIN Production.Suppliers AS S ON S.supplierid = P.supplierid;
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11.3 SQL*Plus Scripts
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The Management And Monitoring Tools component provides tools for the administra tion, monitoring, and management of network communications. Among these tools are Network Monitor, which allows you to capture and analyze frames on a network, and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), which allows you to manage and mon itor devices on TCP/IP networks. Table 1-1 describes all the subcomponents available in the Management And Monitoring Tools component of Windows Server 2003.
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Generating a Series of Dates
Table 19-7. The XML Web Service Proxy Class Methods
Click the Open Date And Time To Verify The Clock And Time Zone Settings link to the standard Windows Date And Time dialog box. Set the time zone and current date and time if they aren t correct and then click OK to return to the Verify The Clock And Time Zone Settings page. Click Next to open the Get Important Updates page. (If your network adapter hasn t been detected, you will not see this page instead, you ll have an opportunity to load drivers for the network adapter.) Click Go Online And Get The Most Recent Installation Updates (Recommended). This will download only critical updates that are directly related to installation issues. When the update check is complete, click Next to open the Company Information page shown in Figure 5-8. Fill in the elds on the Company Information page. This information will be used to customize various other areas of SBS. Nothing is required here, but there s no good reason not to enter the information either none of it is sent to Microsoft. Click Next to open the Personalize Your Server And Your Network page shown in Figure 5-9. Here you need to enter a name for your server and an internal domain name that will be used for the SBS network.
Figure 5-21. The menu item editor display will vary depending on the type of menu item selected.
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