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Mapping Data Structures to XML Nodes For a long time, INI files have been a fundamental part of Microsoft Windows applications. Although with the advent of Microsoft Win32 they were officially declared obsolete, a lot of applications have not yet stopped using them. Understanding the reasons for this persistence is not of much importance here, but when they were designing the .NET Framework, the Microsoft architects decided not to insert any managed classes to handle INI files. Although overall I agree with their decision, keep in mind that if you need to access INI files from within a .NET Framework application, you'll find at your disposal only workarounds, not a direct solution. You could, for instance, read and write the content of an INI file using file and I/O classes, or you might resort to making calls to the underlying Win32 unmanaged platform. Recently, however, I came across a rather illuminating MSDN article in which an even better approach is discussed. (See the section "Further Reading," on page 74, for details and the URL.) The idea is this: Why not wrap the contents of INI files into an XML reader INI files are not well-formed XML files, but a custom reader could easily map the contents of an INI file's sections and entries to XML nodes and attributes. 45
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Item Attribute Name
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14. Networking
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that the units are obvious. To a new programmer, they won t be. To someone who s been working on another part of the system, they won t be. After the program has been substantially modified, they won t be.
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of a class is a special method that executes automatically when an instance of that class is created. In PHP, the constructor of a class is called __construct(). Writing that code in the constructor of the Page class guarantees that it gets executed automatically when a new instance of Page is created.
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public sealed class ExecutionContext : IDisposable, ISerializable { [SecurityCritical] public static AsyncFlowControl SuppressFlow(); public static void RestoreFlow(); public static Boolean IsFlowSuppressed(); // Less commonly used methods are not shown }
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fields, it does allow you to use it for static fields . In other words, if you change the SomeType type above from a class to a struct, the code will compile and work as expected .
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Figure 8-1. Saving a user s name with IsolatedStorageSettings Now that you have briefly looked at some of the key classes associated with Silverlight s isolated storage, let s try building an application that uses this storage.
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For i = 0 to saleCount - 1 commission( i ) = (i + 1) * revenue * baseCommission * discount Next
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class UseDBApp2 { static void Main() { DataSet ds = new DataSet(); DbProviderFactory dbProviderFactory = DbProviderFactories.GetFactory("System.Data.SqlClient"); using (DbConnection conn = dbProviderFactory.CreateConnection()) { string s = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["AspDotNetStepByStep"].ConnectionString; conn.ConnectionString = s; conn.Open(); DbCommand cmd = conn.CreateCommand(); cmd.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM customer; SELECT * FROM country"; DbDataAdapter adapter = dbProviderFactory.CreateDataAdapter(); adapter.SelectCommand = cmd; adapter.Fill(ds);
<Import Project="$(MSBuildToolsPath)\Microsoft.CSharp.targets" />
Automated menu management Content publication scheduling for automatic publishing and deletion of articles User security and contact management Even more impressive is Joomla s ability to handle content and provide interaction with site visitors. Joomla s content capabilities include the following: Multiple built-in What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors Automatic full text search of site content Full support for newsfeeds in RSS or Atom format Built-in user polling Banner advertising management Plug-ins for e-commerce solutions, including shopping cart, picture gallery, inventory management, and point of sale Multilingual internationalization features Accessibility options for the disabled Finally, Joomla offers a good number of system advantages, including the following: Full open source license with free download of the application and source code Availability on all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) Page caching for improved performance The robust plug-in architecture has made adding missing features affordable in terms of both time and money. Joomla is completely open source, so you can make desired changes to the system, and you can also contribute your work to the Joomla community if you want. This sort of community contribution often pays dividends later as other users build on your improvement and post back their own enhancements. Now that you understand the reasons to adopt Joomla for your web site needs, let s take a look at how Joomla works.
Web Deployment Project Overview
Figure 8-1: The client-side XML formatting feature of SQLXML 3.0 makes use of intermediate OLE DB providers to execute the query and transform the results. As you'd expect, the two intermediate OLE DB providers cause more performance problems than they ever attempt to resolve. On the other hand, SQLXML 3.0 is not specifically designed for the .NET Framework, although it contains a few managed classes that we'll look at in the section "SQLXML Managed Classes," on page 386. In a nutshell, keep in mind that SQLXML 3.0 provides client-side XML formatting but that this feature is rather inefficient. For .NET Framework applications, a much better approach for client-side XML rendering is represented by the XmlDataDocument class. (See the section "The XmlDataDocument Class," on page 372.) Creating XML Views Just as a CREATE VIEW statement in SQL lets you create a virtual table by collecting columns from one or more tables, an XML view provides an alternative and highly customizable way to present relational data in XML. Building an XML view consists of defining a custom XML schema and mapping to its elements the columns and the tables selected by the query. Once built, an XML view can be used like its close cousin, SQL view. In particular, an XML view can be queried using XPath expressions and transformed using XSL Transformation (XSLT) scripts. An XML view is simply a stream of XML data and can be used as allowed by .NET. In the .NET Framework, you can use XML views through readers, XML DOM, or even specialized classes, such as those in SQLXML 3.0. There are two possible ways to create XML views: you can use the FOR XML EXPLICIT mode of the SELECT statement, or you can build an annotated XDR or XSD schema. To use an XSD schema, you must install SQLXML 3.0 first.
Figure 7-30 Some items other than ordinary file folders might be included in your index data files from Microsoft Outlook, for example.
Lesson 1: Performing Input Validation
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