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Figure 3-33. Nonclustered index seek + ordered partial scan + lookups against a heap (execution plan)
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After completing this chapter, you will be able to
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// We re calling a method on an object; no exception is thrown Console.WriteLine( Returned object created + mbvt.ToString()); Console.WriteLine( Successful call. ); } catch (AppDomainUnloadedException) { Console.WriteLine( Failed call. ); }
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Listing 6-3. The CSS for the Two-Column Template
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Sample of Visual Basic Code <Assembly: System.Web.UI.WebResource("AjaxEnabled.PassTextBox.js", "text/ javascript")>
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Setting Default Route Parameters
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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Publishing an Excel List to a SharePoint Site
<Target Name="Demo"> <MetadataExample ServerList="@(Server)"> <Output ItemName="ServerIpList" TaskParameter="Result" /> </MetadataExample> <Message Text="ServerIpList: @(ServerIpList)" /> <Message Text="Server: %(ServerIpList.ServerName) %(ServerIpList.DropLoc) %(ServerIpList.IpAddress)" /> </Target> </Project>
EditDisplayMode This option turns on personalization or customization of WebPart properties and permits a user to delete Web Parts that have been added to the page dynamically . ConnectDisplayMode This mode allows a user to connect Web Parts at run time .
7. Click the Rich Text Editor link in the Content Editor Web Part. Enter brief descriptive text (for example, Charts and tables on this page are updated daily ). Click Apply. 8. Add two Page Viewer Web Parts to the body, as shown in Figure 7-19. 9. Change the properties on the Page Viewer Web Parts to display the HTML pages for the Category Sales chart and the Sales pivot table. You can tweak the web part layout and appearance settings as needed.
15: .NET Framework Application Configuration
data source control.
Many programs have variables that contain computed values: totals, averages, maximums, and so on. If you modify a name with a qualifier like Total, Sum, Average, Max, Min, Record, String, or Pointer, put the modifier at the end of the name. This practice offers several advantages. First, the most significant part of the variable name, the part that gives the variable most of its meaning, is at the front, so it s most prominent and gets read first. Second, by establishing this convention, you avoid the confusion you might create if you were to use both totalRevenue and revenueTotal in the same program. The names are semantically equivalent, and the convention would prevent their being used as if they were different. Third, a set of names like revenueTotal, expenseTotal, revenueAverage, and expenseAverage has a pleasing symmetry. A set of names like totalRevenue, expenseTotal, revenueAverage, and averageExpense doesn t appeal to a sense of order. Finally, the consistency improves readability and eases maintenance. An exception to the rule that computed values go at the end of the name is the customary position of the Num qualifier. Placed at the beginning of a variable name, Num refers to a total. numSales is the total number of sales. Placed at the end of the variable name, Num refers to an index. saleNum is the number of the current sale. The s at the end of numSales is another tip-off about the difference in meaning. But, because using Num so often creates confusion, it s probably best to sidestep the whole issue by using Count or Total to refer to a total number of sales and Index to refer to a specific sale. Thus, salesCount is the total number of sales and salesIndex refers to a specific sale.
By default, the authenticating server checks for certificate revocation for all the cer tificates in the certificate chain sent by the VPN client during the EAP-TLS authenti cation process. If certificate revocation fails for any of the certificates in the chain, the connection fails authentication and is rejected. The certificate revocation check for a certificate can fail because of the following reasons:
<Path Stroke="Black"> <Path.Data> <PathGeometry> <PathFigure StartPoint="100,100"> <PolyBezierSegment Points="50,50,150,150,250,250, 100,200,200,100,300,300" /> </PathFigure> </PathGeometry> </Path.Data> </Path>
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