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Since you just worked with the Section Manager and Category Manager extensively in the last chapter, a complete review would be largely redundant. These two managers are used to create the filing sections that determine where an article will be displayed. Content is always presented within the section or category where it was filed except when it is set for Frontpage display.
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SQL Server 2008 can ingest data from several standard formats, but much of the data available is in formats not directly supported by SQL Server . A variety of spatial data loaders are available, however . Discussion about data loaders and techniques for loading text files with spatial locations can be found in the upcoming section Using Spatial Data to Solve Problems .
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deleted. You must manually delete it from the reverse lookup zone.
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This section begins by stating a problem and then shows you how to troubleshoot it using one or more of the tools.
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The DetailsView control is used to display the values of one record at a time from a data source in an HTML table. The DetailsView control allows you to edit, delete, and insert records. If the AllowPaging property is set to true, the DetailsView can be used by itself to navigate the data source. However, the DetailsView can also be used in combination with other controls such as the GridView, ListBox, or DropDownList, for scenarios in which you want to display a master-detail form. The DetailsView control does not directly support sorting, whereas the GridView control does. However, you can use the DataSource control, as discussed in Lesson 1, to manage data sorting. You should also note that the GridView does not automatically support inserting new records, whereas the DetailsView does support this feature.
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As you can see, the process is exactly the same as the one used earlier to manipulate a single image. In the case of collections, each image is manipulated by using SubImages[lp], where lp is a loop variable that counts from 0 up to the number of images in the collection. You can see the results in Figure 11-9. Note the difference between this and the original layout, as shown in Figure 11-8.
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Output Formatting
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In this exercise, you copy the contents of a packet into a text file. Perform the exercise in Network Monitor while you are logged on to Computer1 as Administrator. 1. From the File menu, select Open. The Open dialog box appears, displaying the Ping Capture.cap file in the My Cap tures folder.
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The data operations supported by the associated view class are provided by the pairs of properties listed in Table 6-5.
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This technique is helpful for documenting the purpose of the recordCount variable, however don t rely on your compiler to enforce recordCount s scope. Section of The C++ Programming Language (Stroustrup 1997) says that recordCount should have a scope limited to its loop. When I checked this functionality with three different C++ compilers, however, I got three different results: The first compiler flagged recordCount in the second for loop for multiple variable declarations and generated an error. The second compiler accepted recordCount in the second for loop but allowed it to be used outside the first for loop. The third compiler allowed both usages of recordCount and did not allow either one to be used outside the for loop in which it was declared.
Colors, Areas, and Outlines
In the Tracert display:
Calling GetType via a Nullable Value Type
Lesson 1: Getting Started with LINQ
Fortunately, Microsoft offers several ERP applications from the same division that created Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Important In addition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the Microsoft Dynamics division offers
You can also increase the amount of information logged to the Security Event log by asking for per packet drop events. You perform this task by increasing the audit level to 7. You can either use Netsh or set the following Registry key to a value of 7: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\IPSec\EnableDiagnostics. Regardless of the method you use, you must restart the computer for the changes to take effect.
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