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Creating a Java Interface
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If you installed Windows Vista yourself, you probably noticed that a performance assessment took place near the end of the setup process. You might have seen a report comparable to the one shown in Figure 21-3. If you missed that at setup, you can always display it again by opening System And Maintenance in Control Panel and then clicking Performance Information And Tools.
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While QML is arguably a powerful environment, there are still uses for C++ in Qt development. For example, interfacing with platform enablers like QtDBus on MeeGo still requires some C++ work, even if your UI is entirely written in QML. Fortunately, it s easy to bind QML with QObject subclasses written in C++ using Qt s meta-object features, which we touched on in 4. As you ll see in the section Mingling QObjects with QML later in this chapter, any QObject can be added to QML s object tree, exposing Qt properties as QML properties and slots as methods. Other times you may just want to introduce a QML interface as a visible component of your application, either as all or part of your UI. The Qt Declarative library, on which Qt Quick is based, provides a collection of classes that let you do just this. The most obvious example is that when you want to ship a QML application on a mobile device, you ll need to create a QDeclarativeView in which to render your QML application.
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Exam Tip For the exam, know the operations performed by the Repair button and their command-line equivalents.
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Note that you can use the Tab key on your keyboard to automatically complete the code for these functions. Your callback will receive a callback containing a parameter called <Web Method name + Completed Event Args>. So, in this case, as you call getPriceHistoryAsXML, you get a getpriceHistoryAsXMLCompletedEventArgs object called e returned. In this case, the XML returned is serialized as a string so that you can load it into an XDocument quite easily:
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private static Int32 NumTimesWordAppearsEquals(String word, String[] wordlist) { Int32 count = 0; for (Int32 wordnum = 0; wordnum < wordlist.Length; wordnum++) { if (word.Equals(wordlist[wordnum], StringComparison.Ordinal)) count++; } return count; }
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IMPORTANT Permissions that are incorrectly set are a common cause of problems T
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class App { static void Main() { // Create an array of 100 value types. MyValueType[] src = new MyValueType[100]; // Create an array of ICloneable references. ICloneable[] dest = new ICloneable[src.Length]; // Initialize an array of ICloneable elements to refer to boxed // versions of elements in the source array. Array.Copy(src, dest, src.Length); } }
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Finishing and Protecting Your Files
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Maximum capacity An Int32 value that specifies the maximum number of characters that can be placed in the string . The default is Int32.MaxValue (approximately 2 billion) . It s unusual to change this value . However, you might specify a smaller maximum capacity to ensure that you never create a string over a certain length . Once constructed, a StringBuilder s maximum capacity value can t be changed . Capacity An Int32 value indicating the size of the character array being maintained by the StringBuilder . The default is 16 . If you have some idea of how many characters you ll place in the StringBuilder, you should use this number to set the capacity when constructing the StringBuilder object . When appending characters to the character array, the StringBuilder detects if the array is trying to grow beyond the array s capacity . If it is, the StringBuilder automatically doubles the capacity field, allocates a new array (the size of the new capacity), and copies the characters from the original array into the new array . The original array will be garbage collected in the future . Dynamically growing the array hurts performance; avoid this by setting a good initial capacity .
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Appendix D Setting Up Remote Access VPN Connections in a Test Lab
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