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Lesson 2: LINQ and ADO.NET
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Part I ASP.NET Essentials
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Send LM and NTLM use LM, NTLM, NTLMv2 session security NTLMv2, if negotiated Session Security is negotiated Send NTLM response only Send NTLMv2 response only NTLM, NTLMv2, Session Security is negotiated NTLMv2, Session Security is always used
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Monitoring and Troubleshooting TCP/IP Connections
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Let s move on now to the specific properties of the controls in the Focus 1 worksheet of the 0702_Indicators_02.xlsx sample file . The functions of these objects are identical to those described in relation to the form controls of variant 1 . You may find it helpful to cast your eye over these again now (Figure 7-7 to Figure 7-12) . When using ActiveX controls, you need to employ a completely different method to achieve the same end result . Controls for Selecting Indicator Category and Period As with the form controls, a dropdown list is used again here for the selection of the indicator type, in this case the ComboBox ActiveX control . The period shown in the chart is similarly selected using a ComboBox, which is linked with a ScrollBar . Let s start with the oF1_BoxPeriod ComboBox . This control is identical to the ComboBox used to select the indicator category, the only difference being the use of range names .
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Column Aliases
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Binding Site Map Information to Controls
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Note Switches and routers between Computer Red and Computer Blue will simply forward the encrypted packets to their destination. However, a firewall or packet filtering router must be configured to allow IPSec traffic to pass.
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you have is SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition for Small Business.
Network ID (16 bits) 172 16 0 0 Host ID (16 bits)
Family or assembly The member is accessible by derived types in any assembly . The member is also accessible by any types in the same assembly . C# refers to family or assembly as protected internal . Public The member is accessible by any code in any assembly .
the server.
Part IV
Debugging and Deploying
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