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Figure 10-3. Input form with styled TextBox controls Notice that the spacing between the rows is too large. Ideally, the spaces should only be large enough to allow the margins of the controls to provide the separation. To adjust this spacing, on each RowDefinition, change the Height property to Auto, as follows:
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Performance Ratio 1:1 1:1 2:1 1.5:1 1.5:1 3:1
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SELECT n, (SELECT val FROM dbo.AddOneInline(n) AS F) AS n_plus_one FROM dbo.Nums WHERE n <= 1000000;
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TAbLE 8-7 Launch Condition Properties
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Setting a share name equal to a folder creates a share. To modify an existing share, you use only the share name (and no folder), as in the following command, which changes the remark on the Spreadsheets share to Year 2008 Budgets :
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Using this table as a reference, you can perform simple addition of each bit place s dec imal equivalent value to find the decimal sum for this octet string, as follows: first bit (128) + third bit (32) + fifth bit (8) + sixth bit (4) = octet total (172)
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Worker Role Instance Task Type A Running Task Type B Blocked Task Type C Running Lease Worker Role Instance Task Type A Running Task Type B Running Task Type C Running Blob (used as lock) Worker Role Instance Task Type A Running Task Type B Blocked Task Type C Running
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Many objects in Windows, as you saw earlier, are now owned by the TrustedInstaller service. This means that even administrators will find plenty of objects that they cannot modify without first changing the permissions on them. As an administrator, you are never quite completely locked out, of course, but you will almost certainly at some point run into a situation where you try to modify an object and get an access denied. This should be a trigger to question whether you really should be changing this object. The purpose of these restrictions is to maintain stability.
<Rectangle Fill="Black" Canvas.Left="40" Canvas.Top="40" Width="100" Height="200" RadiusX="20" RadiusY="40" />
On the first line, myControls is a variable capable of pointing to a single-dimensional array of Control references . Initially, myControls will be set to null because I haven t allocated
Creating Multi-Targeted Applications
See the "Differentiating Between Files and Directories" section earlier for more details.
FIGURE 8-12 Selecting a photograph to insert.
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