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public Decimal GetWeeklySalary(string employeeId, int weeks) { string employeeName = String.Empty; Decimal salary = 0; Decimal weeklySalary = 0; exManager.Process(() => { string connString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings
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Personalizing the Start Menu
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31. Layout and Style
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Questions and Answers 11-91
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// Returns an array of Strings: one per symbol defined in the enum public static String[] GetNames(Type enumType); // Defined in System.Enum public String[] GetEnumNames(); // Defined in System.Type
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Sample of Visual Basic Code Protected Sub GenerateModeList(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Dim _manager As WebPartManager = _ WebPartManager.GetCurrentWebPartManager(Page) Dim browseModeName As String = webPartManager.BrowseDisplayMode.Name DropDownListModes.Items.Clear() ' Fill the drop-down list with the names of supported display modes. For Each mode As webPartDisplayMode In _manager.SupportedDisplayModes Dim modeName As String = mode.Name ' Make sure a mode is enabled before adding it. If mode.IsEnabled(_manager) Then Dim item As ListItem = New ListItem(modeName, modeName) DropDownListModes.Items.Add(item) End If Next ' Select the current mode Dim items As ListItemCollection = DropDownListModes.Items Dim selectedIndex As Integer = _ items.IndexOf(items.FindByText(_manager.DisplayMode.Name)) DropDownListModes.SelectedIndex = selectedIndex End Sub Sample of C# Code protected void GenerateModeList(object sender, EventArgs e) { WebPartManager _manager = WebPartManager.GetCurrentWebPartManager(Page); String browseModeName = WebPartManager.BrowseDisplayMode.Name; DropDownListModes.Items.Clear(); // Fill the drop-down list with the names of supported display modes. foreach (WebPartDisplayMode mode in _manager.SupportedDisplayModes) { String modeName = mode.Name; // Make sure a mode is enabled before adding it. if (mode.IsEnabled(_manager)) { ListItem item = new ListItem(modeName, modeName); DropDownListModes.Items.Add(item); } } // Select the current mode ListItemCollection items = DropDownListModes.Items; int selectedIndex = items.IndexOf(items.FindByText(_manager.DisplayMode.Name)); DropDownListModes.SelectedIndex = selectedIndex; }
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works as SUMIF, but can use not only one search criterion, but as many as 127 search criteria simultaneously! This enables you to perform extremely versatile calculations with multiple filters . The argument sum_range describes the range (reference) to be totaled . The arguments criteria_range1,criteria_range2, etc . are up to 127 ranges (references) in which the search criteria are to be found . The arguments criteria1,criteria2, etc . are up to 127 search criteria (or, which is much better in reality, references to cells that contain search criteria .) When simply expressed in relation to the current example, which is a row-by-row arrangement of the data to be calculated, the first part of the formula is:
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The FullPrivilegeAuditing setting causes privilege use events, if enabled through audit policy, to be generated for all privileges except SeAuditPrivilege. Under normal circumstances, privilege use events are not generated for the following privileges:
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Lesson 3: Implementing jQuery
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Usage Reference Objects can be serialized as Simple Object 10, "Streams, Access Protocol (SOAP) messages using a Files, and I/O" SoapFormatter. Communication with SQL databases, database 16, "Database schema, XPath queries on data sets. Connectivity" HttpChannels transmit data encoded as SOAP 15, "Remoting" messages. SOAP, Web Service Definition Language 19, "Introduction (WSDL), Universal Description, Discovery, and to XML Web Services" Integration (UDDI). Configuration files affecting many parts of the Appendix C, "Configuring .NET Framework are specified using XML. Applications"
To prevent the depletion of higher-class network IDs, the Internet authorities devised a scheme called supernetting, which allows many networks (routes) to be grouped together (or summarized) in a single larger network. Supernetting offers the advantage of more efficient allocation of network address space. For example, suppose an organization needs to accommodate 2000 hosts. This number is too large for a single Class C network ID, which can accommodate only 254 hosts. Although a Class B network can accommodate as many as 65,534 hosts, only 16,383 Class B network IDs exist, and the number of unused Class B networks is rapidly decreasing. It therefore does not make sense for an ISP to assign a valuable Class B network (if the ISP even has one to assign) to an organization that plans to use only 3 percent of that space. By using supernetting, an ISP can assign an organization a block of Class C addresses that can be treated as a single network somewhere between a Class C and a Class B address. In this example, a block of 8 Class C network IDs could meet the organization s needs by accommodating 2032 hosts.
public virtual Int32 Add(Object value);
Figure 2-26. Joomla is correctly installed.
<Project xmlns="" ToolsVersion="3.5" DefaultTargets="CopyFilesToDest"> <PropertyGroup> <SourceFolder>src\</SourceFolder> <DestFolder>dest\</DestFolder> </PropertyGroup> <ItemGroup> <SourceFiles Include="$(SourceFolder)*.txt" /> </ItemGroup> <Target Name="CopyFilesToDest" Inputs="@(SourceFiles)" Outputs="@(SourceFiles->'$(DestFolder)%(RecursiveDir)%(Filename)%(Extension)')"> <Copy SourceFiles="@(SourceFiles)" DestinationFiles= "@(SourceFiles->'$(DestFolder)%(RecursiveDir)%(Filename)%(Extension)')" /> </Target>
What accounts for the difference in name resolution methods
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