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public static class Contract { // Precondition methods: [Conditional("CONTRACTS_FULL")] public static void Requires(Boolean condition); public static void EndContractBlock(); // Preconditions: Always public static void Requires<TException>(Boolean condition) where TException : Exception; // Postcondition methods: [Conditional("CONTRACTS_FULL")] public static void Ensures(Boolean condition); public static void EnsuresOnThrow<TException>(Boolean condition) where TException : Exception; // Special Postcondition methods: Always public static T Result<T>(); public static T OldValue<T>(T value); public static T ValueAtReturn<T>(out T value); // Object Invariant methods: [Conditional("CONTRACTS_FULL")] public static void Invariant(Boolean condition); // Quantifier methods: Always public static Boolean Exists<T>(IEnumerable<T> collection, Predicate<T> predicate); public static Boolean Exists(Int32 fromInclusive, Int32 toExclusive, Predicate<Int32> predicate); public static Boolean ForAll<T>(IEnumerable<T> collection, Predicate<T> predicate); public static Boolean ForAll(Int32 fromInclusive, Int32 toExclusive, Predicate<Int32> predicate); // Helper methods: [Conditional("CONTRACTS_FULL")] or [Conditional("DEBUG")] public static void Assert(Boolean condition); public static void Assume(Boolean condition); // Infrastructure event: usually your code will not use this event public static event EventHandler<ContractFailedEventArgs> ContractFailed; }
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5 Primitive, Reference, and Value Types
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For employeeId = 1 To employeeCount GetBonus( employeeId, employeeType, bonusAmount )
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Insert the rst disk of the SBS 2008 installation media and turn on the server. If the BIOS needs to be changed to allow the DVD drive to be the rst boot device, go into the server s BIOS and make the change and then restart the server. If prompted, press any key to boot from the DVD drive to bring up the initial localization page of the Windows Small Business Server 2008 installation, as shown in Figure 27-1.
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Sketching Your Story Template
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Design might be the most important step in the process of developing software. Software design includes planning and problem solving. It includes foresight into user experience and critical analysis of solutions and alternatives. Well-designed software anticipates many problems that might occur, and design is an essential step in creating software that works well for the customer. Great design doesn't necessarily require big design up front (BDUF). Projects that use Agile methodologies, where the code is considered to be the design, still require planning and foresight and can be designed well. Any product, whether it's a software program or a kitchen appliance, needs a good design to avoid frustration and confusion among its customers. If design is not given full and sufficient attention, customers are bound to have problems. Test design has many parallels with good software design, and with good design in general. Test design requires planning and problem solving to determine which kinds of tests to run and which types of testing will be most effective at verifying functionality and confirming that failure paths are handled gracefully. One of the most important aspects of test design is anticipating customer needs and expectations, and then creating tests that address these needs appropriately. Good test design often starts with a review, or critique, of the software design. Often, design reviews are treated much like a code review, where the designer explains the design and participants ask questions and provide feedback. A good design critique involves in-depth comparisons of choices and alternatives for all major design decisions, with a goal of a shared vision of what needs to be built, how it is going to be built, and, perhaps most important, how it is going to be tested. Good design and good execution are critical pieces of a successful software development project.
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34.7 Watch for Falling Rocks
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Using Arguments
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Q12:Q23 =OFFSET(rP1.Node,$G12,Q$4)
In this chapter, you ve looked at the key building blocks of all computer programs data, expressions, and logic and discovered how to implement them with Ruby. The topics in this chapter provide a critical foundation for every other chapter in this book, as almost every future line of your Ruby code will contain an expression, an iterator, or some sort of logic.
SQL-92 standard. You ll learn more about SQL details in 3.
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