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Part II:
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Note The example might fail for you, as your network connection might not support active FTP and might
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Page 102 This page intentionally left blank.
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<Page x:Class="XBAPORama.Page1" xmlns="" xmlns:x="" xmlns:mc="" xmlns:d="" mc:Ignorable="d" d:DesignHeight="300" d:DesignWidth="300" Title="Page1" FontSize="16"> <StackPanel> <TextBox Name="theTextBox"></TextBox> <ListBox Name="theListBox" Height="100"></ListBox> <Button>Click to Add Items</Button> </StackPanel> </Page>
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Storage Management
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The Microsoft Visual Studio Designer should appear like this when you finish:
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n Note Ruby comes in multiple versions, such as 1.8.7 and 1.9.1. The code in this book is primarily aimed
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class ValueType { public override Int32 GetHashCode() { // Get this type s public/private instance fields. FieldInfo[] fields = this.GetType().GetFields( BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.NonPublic); if (fields.Length > 0) { // Return the hash code for the first non null field. for (Int32 i = 0; i < fields.Length; i++) { Object obj = field[i].GetValue(this); if (obj != null) return obj.GetHashCode(); } } // No non null fields exist; return a unique value for the type. // NOTE: GetMethodTablePtrAsInt is an internal, undocumented method return GetMethodTablePtrAsInt(this); } }
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Here the first line builds the App.cs file into a module. The second line produces a small App.exe PE file that contains the manifest metadata tables. In addition, there is a small global function emitted by AL.exe because of the /main:App.Main switch. This function, __EntryPoint, contains the following IL code:
When the volume or partition is completely deleted, the space it occupied will be unallocated. Space that is unallocated on dynamic disks can be used to create mirrors, extend an existing volume, create a RAID array, or otherwise manage the storage on your server. Space that is unallocated on basic disks can be partitioned or used to extend a partition.
FIGURE 4-69 Execution plan for query with subquery and MAX
And the ExceptionArgs base class that TExceptionArgs is constrained to is very simple and looks like this:
Pointer to root
Part I ASP.NET Essentials
A directory service object was modified. Subject: Security ID:SECRESKIT08\Administrator Account Name:Administrator Account Domain:SECRESKIT08 Logon ID:0x438594 Directory Service: Name:secreskit08.prv Type:Active Directory Domain Services Object: DN:CN=Jimmy Andersson,OU=AuditPolicy,DC=secreskit08,DC=prv GUID:CN=Jim Andersson,OU=AuditPolicy,DC=secreskit08,DC=prv Class:user Attribute: LDAP Display Name:physicalDeliveryOfficeName Syntax (OID): Value:HQ Operation: Type:Value Added Correlation ID:{31e232b9-35df-4b26-8bd0-e5797f5172b4} Application Correlation ID:-
robustness and vice versa. In contrast, focusing on adaptability helps robustness and vice versa. The chart shows only typical relationships among the quality characteristics. On any given project, two characteristics might have a relationship that s different from their typical relationship. It s useful to think about your specific quality goals and whether each pair of goals is mutually beneficial or antagonistic.
Here, the compiler is inferring that the names local variable should be of the String[] type since that is the type of the expression on the right of the assignment operator (=) . You can use C# s implicitly typed array feature to have the compiler infer the type of the array s elements . Notice the line below has no type specified between new and []:
This gives you a basic HTML page, which you need to edit to turn into a page that will host the Silverlight application. Following is the code for such a page:
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