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Handling Events and Managing State
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RADIUS Access Request with the SSoH
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The two primitive kernel-mode thread synchronization constructs are events and semaphores . Other kernel-mode constructs, such as mutex, are built on top of the two primitive constructs . For more information about the Windows kernel-mode constructs, see my book Windows via C/C++, 5th Edition (Microsoft Press, 2007) . The System.Threading namespace offers an abstract base class called WaitHandle . The WaitHandle class is a simple class whose sole purpose is to wrap a Windows kernel object handle . The FCL provides several classes derived from WaitHandle . All classes are defined in the System.Threading namespace, and all classes are implemented in MSCorLib .dll except for Semaphore, which is implemented in System .dll . The class hierarchy looks like this:
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A. Incorrect: You need to run the Remote Debugging Monitor on the server, not the debug
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The two previous approaches, taking either a domain-model or data-model approach, typically result in HBM mappings that are not quite complete. Every time I use either of the approaches above in a moderately complex application, I find myself fine-tuning the HBM files to either get more accurate POJOs (in the data-driven approach) or more efficient, manageable database schema (in the POJO-driven approach). The third approach suggested here takes the stand that object-relational mapping is an inescapable, necessary evil that should be taken into consideration early and in a head-first fashion in the development of your application. By creating detailed, accurate HBM files you will end up with both a domain model and a database schema that meets your application needs and ensures the longevity of the data. This is by far the most tedious approach to map your domain model to a database, basically because it is a mostly manual process. Of course, based on the complexity of your object model and schema, you might be able to combine the different approaches outlined to maximize your productivity, therefore using one of the two automated approaches for most of your domain object mappings and resorting to manually created mappings for a few exceptional cases. Figure 4-7 illustrates the HBM-driven approach.
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Figure 7-26. Creating the CM profile.
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<Project xmlns=""> <ItemGroup> <SrcFiles Include="src\**\*.txt" /> </ItemGroup> <PropertyGroup> <Dest>$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\dest\</Dest> </PropertyGroup> <Target Name="PrintFiles"> <Message Text="SrcFiles: @(SrcFiles)" /> </Target> <Target Name="CopyFiles"> <Copy SourceFiles="@(SrcFiles)" DestinationFiles= "@(SrcFiles->'$(Dest)%(RecursiveDir)%(Filename)%(Extension)')" /> </Target> </Project>
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No endline exception for case statements One of the hazards of endline layout comes up in the formatting of case statements. A popular style of formatting cases is to indent them to the right of the description of each case, as shown in Listing 31-35. The big problem with this style is that it s a maintenance headache.
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where you had no option but to have a local copy of every account in every branch office. This is a huge security improvement. You access the Password Replication Policy by selecting the Properties of the RODC computer object. In Figure 14-1, you can see that only accounts in a group representing that Branch Office are allowed to be cached, and high-value credentials are explicitly denied.
Correct Answers: A, B, and C
// Convert number <-> character using IConvertible c = ((IConvertible) 65).ToChar(null); Console.WriteLine(c); // Displays "A" n = ((IConvertible) c).ToInt32(null); Console.WriteLine(n); } }
Well-Known Text
Therefore, an auto-reset event behaves very similarly to a semaphore whose maximum count is 1 . The difference between the two is that Set can be called multiple times consecutively on an auto-reset event and still only one thread will be unblocked, whereas calling Release multiple times consecutively on a semaphore keeps incrementing its internal count, which could unblock many threads . By the way, if you call Release on a semaphore too many times, causing its count to exceed its maximum count, then Release will throw a SemaphoreFullException . Using a semaphore, we can re-implement the SimpleWaitLock as follows, so that it gives multiple threads concurrent access to a resource (which is not necessarily a safe thing to do unless all threads access the resource in a read-only fashion):
Nullable Value Types
Grant remote access permission
Note that the layout of the expanded volume remains simple, despite the fact that the volume now spans an intervening volume on the same disk. Volume extension is subject to the following limitations:
Unsigned 8bit integer Signed 8-bit integer Signed 16bit integer Signed 32bit integer Signed 64bit integer Unsigned 16-bit integer Unsigned 32-bit integer Unsigned 64-bit integer 32-bit floating point number 64-bit floating point number True or false value Unicode 16bit character 96-bit decimal number Signed integer that is platform dependent Unsigned integer that is platform dependent Root object Fixed-length string of
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