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It s possible and for many purposes very useful to place logic into a framework where the truth values True and False are associated with the numbers 1 and 0, respectively. In fact, SQL Server s integer data type BIT is often used for logical calculations. SQL Server provides several integer operators, &, ~, ^, and |, that apply calculations bitwise, or separately on the individual bits that make up the integer s internal representation. Loosely, these four operators correspond to and, not, exclusive or, and or, respectively. As you might guess, T-SQL s ^ operator is easily confused with the operator , which is used in logic to mean and. In addition (no pun intended), the bitwise operator & is easily confused with arithmetic s + operator.
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You are a service provider that offers outsourced network access services to mul tiple customers. Through connection request policies, the RADIUS proxy can read the realm name attribute in various connection requests and route these requests to the appropriate customer s RADIUS server. You want to provide authentication and authorization for user accounts that are not members of a domain trusted by the IAS server domain. Through connection request policies, the RADIUS proxy can read the realm name attribute in various connection requests and route these requests to the appropriate domain s RADIUS server. You want to process a large number of connection requests as efficiently as pos sible. For this task, the RADIUS proxy dynamically balances the load of connec tion and accounting requests across multiple RADIUS servers and improves processing efficiency.
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Most experienced programmers agree that the documentation techniques described in the previous section are valuable. The hard, scientific evidence for the value of any one of the techniques is still weak. When the techniques are combined, however, evidence of their effectiveness is strong. In 1990, Paul Oman and Curtis Cook published a pair of studies on the Book Paradigm for documentation (1990a, 1990b). They looked for a coding style that would support several different styles of code reading. One goal was to support top-down, bottom-up, and focused searches. Another was to break up the code into chunks that programmers could remember more easily than a long listing of homogeneous code. Oman and Cook wanted the style to provide for both high-level and low-level clues about code organization. They found that by thinking of code as a special kind of book and formatting it accordingly, they could achieve their goals. In the Book Paradigm, code and its documentation are organized into several components similar to the components of a book to help programmers get a high-level view of the program. The preface is a group of introductory comments such as those usually found at the beginning of a file. It functions as the preface to a book does. It gives the programmer an overview of the program. The table of contents shows the files, classes, and routines (chapters). They might be shown in a list, as a traditional book s chapters are, or graphically, in a structure chart. The sections are the divisions within routines routine declarations, data declarations, and executable statements, for example. The cross-references are cross-reference maps of the code, including line numbers. The low-level techniques that Oman and Cook use to take advantage of the similarities between a book and a code listing are similar to the techniques described in 31, "Layout and Style," and in this chapter. The upshot of using their techniques to organize code was that when Oman and Cook gave a maintenance task to a group of experienced, professional programmers, the average time to perform a maintenance task in a 1000-line program was only about three-quarters of the time it took the programmers to do the same task in a traditional source listing (1990b). Moreover, the maintenance scores of programmers on code documented with the Book Paradigm averaged about 20 percent higher than on traditionally documented code. Oman and Cook
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FIGURE 5-21 Required, dependent components for the Account entity
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After this lesson, you will be able to
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This output shows that Main s call to Dial calls the new Dial method defined by BetterPhone.Dial, which in turn calls the virtual EstablishConnection method that is also defined by BetterPhone . When BetterPhone s EstablishConnection method returns, Phone s Dial method is called . Phone s Dial method calls EstablishConnection, but because BetterPhone s EstablishConnection is marked with new, BetterPhone s EstablishConnection method isn t considered an override of Phone s virtual EstablishConnection method . As a result, Phone s Dial method calls Phone s EstablishConnection method this is the expected behavior . Note If the compiler treated methods as overrides by default (as a native C++ compiler does),
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Roadmap for This
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server nameserver2 Default Server:
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The indexers (indicated by boldface) allow a Brush to be retrieved using either its position in the array or its color. In the case of the color, we use a switch statement because we know the set of brush names. We could have used a foreach loop to look through the array and select the brush with the correct name if the number of brushes had been greater.
6 Entity: Fields and Option Sets
<asp:wizard runat="server SideBarEnabled="true"> <wizardsteps> <asp:wizardstep runat="server steptype="auto id="step1"> First step </asp:wizardstep> <asp:wizardstep runat="server steptype="auto id="step2"> Second step </asp:wizardstep> <asp:wizardstep runat="server steptype="auto id="finish"> Final step </asp:wizardstep> </wizardsteps> </asp:wizard>
Starting Programs
4. 5.
Figure 12-28
During setup, nearly all Windows programs create shortcuts on the Start menu. Many also create (or at least offer to create) shortcuts on your desktop and your Quick Launch toolbar. You can tailor these shortcuts to your advantage by right-clicking them and choosing Properties from the menu that appears (which is, incidentally, also called a shortcut menu). You can also create and customize shortcuts to particular documents and folders. Here are some useful things you can do:
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