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The LoginView control lets you define two distinct templates to show to anonymous and logged users. You can use the following markup to give your pages a common layout and manage the template to show when the user is logged in:
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Using PHP PDO for Database Operations
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versus the perceived difficulty of building and supporting custom web server controls. My advice, however, is to create custom web server controls where they make sense: as reusable controls across websites. After creating the first control, I think you will find custom web server controls easy enough to create and worth the effort.
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Enhanced Diagram Tools
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11. The Power of Variable Names pdf417
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Finally, if you look at the application, you ll notice that the handler of the Login.aspx page s OnAuthenticate event looks like the following.
In Ruby, a binding is a reference to a context, scope, or state of execution. A binding includes things such as the current value of variables and other details of the execution environment. It s possible to pass a binding to eval and to have eval execute the supplied code under that binding rather than the current one. In this way, you can keep things that happen with eval separate from the main execution context of your code. Here s an example: def binding_elsewhere x = 20 return binding end remote_binding = binding_elsewhere x = 10 eval("puts x") eval("puts x", remote_binding)
6. Display information about Main Mode and Quick Mode SAs using the Show Mmsas All (Figure 11-36) and Show Qmsas All (Figure 11-37) commands.
This discussion shows some of the cool operations that can be performed on enumerated types . I suspect that the ToString method with the general format will be used quite frequently to show symbolic names in a program s user interface elements (list boxes, combo boxes, and the like), as long as the strings don t need to be localized (since enumerated types offer no support for localization) . In addition to the GetValues method, the System.Enum type and the System.Type type also offer the following methods that return an enumerated type s symbols:
Capturing Showplan with SQL Trace
The root-level RCC node indicates that the file contains a collection of Qt resources. You indicate each path prefix in the resource tree using a qresource node; there can be any number of these nodes in your resource collection. In the qresource nodes are one or more file nodes, each providing a path (relative to the .qrc file) to the file that should be included as a resource. In this example, there are three files in two tree locations two images in the images node, and a single (presumably JavaScript) file in the node named js. The images originate in the application sources images directory, while the JavaScript file comes from the same directory as the resource collection file. When working with multiple languages, the qresource node includes a lang attribute, set to the International Standards Organization (ISO) two-letter code for the language (such as en for English, de for German, and so on). If you specify a resource with a lang
You get the following output:
Comments Takes another XPathNavigator instance as an argument and moves the cursor to point to the current node of the XPathNavigator provided. The success of this method depends on the XPathNavigator implementation and the underlying data store. Moves the cursor to the next sibling of the current node. MoveToNext() MoveToPrevious() Moves the cursor to the previous sibling of the current node. Moves the cursor to the first sibling of the current node. MoveToFirst() MoveToFirstChild() Moves the cursor to the first child node of the current node. Moves the cursor to the parent of the current node. MoveToParent() Moves the cursor to the root node. MoveToRoot() Moves the cursor to a node with the specified ID. This is valid only if the MoveToId() XML document declares attributes of type ID using a DTD.
Mixing the PHP logic with HTML has two important disadvantages: This technique often leads to long, complicated, and hard-to-manage code. Maybe you have seen those kilometric source files with an unpleasant mixture of PHP and HTML, which are hard to read and impossible to understand after a week. These mixed files are the subject of both designers and programmers work, which complicates the collaboration more than necessary. This also increases the chances of the designer creating bugs in the code logic while working on cosmetic changes. These kinds of problems led to the development of template engines, which offer frameworks separating the presentation logic from the static HTML layout. Smarty (http://smarty. is the most popular and powerful template engine for PHP Its main purpose is to . offer you a simple way to separate application logic (PHP code) from its presentation code (HTML). This separation permits the programmer and the template designer to work independently on the same application. The programmer can change the PHP logic without needing to change the template files, and the designer can change the templates without caring how the code that makes them alive works. Figure 2-4 shows the relationship between the Smarty Design Template file and its Smarty plugin file.
Reading XML Data from Databases
Troubleshoot router-to-router VPNs
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