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// Flushes the changes to disk reader.Close(); // Bind the table to the grid dataGrid1.DataSource = dt; If the contents of a specified CSV attribute matches the specified string, it is replaced. The change occurs initially on an internal collection and is then transferred to the output stream during the execution of the Read method. Finally, the reader is closed and the output stream flushed. Figure 4-16 shows the program in action.
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FIGURE 16-11 The Windows Home Server home page
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Tip If you have only one page for all users and client types, you can specify a value for only the
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14 rows selected. SQL> set pause off pagesize 42 SQL> show all ... SQL> If you execute the last command of Listing 11-11 (SHOW ALL), you will see that the number of SQL*Plus system variables is impressive. That s why the output in Listing 11-11 is suppressed. Table 11-1 shows an overview of the SQL*Plus system variables, listing only the most commonly used SQL*Plus system variables. Where applicable, the third column shows the default values. In the first column, the brackets indicate abbreviations you may want to use. Table 11-1. Some Common SQL*Plus System Variables
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This code generates the following output:
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3. Creating Assemblies
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To conclude the Settings of the Primary Horizontal Axis topic, open the Columns 1 worksheet again and try to complete the task which is shown in Figure 8-9 and that is detailed as follows . This is primarily to recap the instructions given so far in this chapter . generator pdf417
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date is a Monday, return the reference date; otherwise, return the latest Monday before the reference date . You can use the following expression to achieve this:
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log(x) = log(x) / log(base) base
The first section of this chapter discusses the WebClient, WebRequest, and WebResponse classes that support the request/response tier. The request/response tier supports HTTP-type requests, whereby a client initiates a connection, sends a message to the server, and blocks until the server returns a response via the open connection. The protocol tier exposes more control to the programmer and can be used for streams-based programming. The programmer can develop custom clients and servers and can send and receive both point-to-point and broadcast messages. The protocol tier consists of a set of convenience classes that make using underlying sockets easier; these classes are discussed in the second part of the chapter. Finally, the .NET Framework provides a managed code wrapper around the WinSock32 sockets API and provides the programmer with fine-grain control of networking, albeit at the cost of additional complexity. The native socket classes are discussed in the final part of this chapter.
Description Returns the current wizard step object. The object is an instance of the WizardStep class. Gets and sets the 0-based index of the current wizard step. Gets and sets the text for the Finish button. Gets and sets the title of the wizard. Gets and sets the text for the Next button. Gets and sets the text for the Previous button. Toggles the visibility of the sidebar. The default value is False. Returns a collection containing all the WizardStep objects defined in the control.
There are many ways to add a module to an assembly . If you re using the C# compiler to build a PE file with a manifest, you can use the /addmodule switch . To understand how to build a multifile assembly, let s assume that we have two source code files:
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