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Web Development Plug-ins
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Folders can contain folder targets or other folders, but not both at the same level
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The event handlers for all three buttons Insert, Update, and Delete are virtually identical, except for the SQL code passed to the constructor of the OleDbCommand object. One thing that was added over and above the select query example is exception handling, as shown here: Try cmd.ExecuteNonQuery() Catch dbe As System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException Label1.Text = "Exception while Inserting Record! " + _ dbe.ToString() End Try One fairly common mishap that can occur when you re inserting data is duplicate data. In this example, if you click the Insert button and then click it again before you have deleted the record by clicking the Delete button, you ll get an error. Rather than returning the standard unhandled exception error, clicking Insert when the record already exists in the database will instead give you the result seen in Figure 8-4.
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The Prism Library provides an event mechanism that enables communication between loosely coupled components in the application. This mechanism, based on the event aggregator service, allows publishers and subscribers to communicate through events without having a direct reference to each other. The EventAggregator provides multicast publish/subscribe functionality. This means there can be multiple publishers that raise the same event and there can be multiple subscribers listening to the same event. Consider using the EventAggregator to publish an event across modules and when sending a message between business logic code, such as controllers and presenters. One example of this, from the Stock Trader RI, is when the Process Order button is clicked and the order successfully processes. In this case, other modules need to know that the order is successfully processed so that they can update their views. Events created with the Prism Library are typed events. This means that you can take advantage of compile-time type checking to detect errors before you run the application. In the Prism Library, the EventAggregator allows subscribers or publishers to locate a specific EventBase. The event aggregator service also allows for multiple publishers and multiple subscribers, as shown in the following illustration.
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In this case, the C# compiler generates a single type constructor method . This constructor first initializes s_x to 5 and then initializes s_x to 10 . In other words, when the C# compiler generates IL code for the type constructor, it first emits the code required to initialize the static fields followed by the explicit code contained in your type constructor method . Important Developers occasionally ask me if there s a way to get some code to execute when
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Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining IP Addressing (1.0)
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Digital Media Essentials
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planning up front isn t critical, especially if some of your hard disk space won t be visible until the operating system is fully installed and you can install drivers for the space. Our recommendation is to at least create a partition for the initial installation, and to size it appropriately for the system drive of SBS. We recommend that you create a partition during the initial installation screens for Small Business Server 2008 that is at least 60 gigabytes (GB) in size. (80 to 120 GB is a more realistic minimum.)
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Designing objects and their elements can be a pleasure with Office 2007 . The relevant options have been vastly enhanced over earlier versions . These options include the formatting of charts and the application of color to chart elements, which is the central topic discussed in this section . But before we start on the technical details, there are a few brief points to note in relation to the power of color effects .
B. Incorrect: The MapPath method returns the physical path of a specific virtual path. c. Correct: The Page.Server.Transfer method transfers the page processing to another page
c. Correct: You can write LINQ queries against any object that implements IEnumerable or a
array) . Important I almost always use the logical value FALSE for range_lookup . This has the following two benefits:
You can save a user profile by simply setting the values of individual properties and then calling the Profile.Save method. This method will use the configured profile provider to write the profile data out to the configured database. Typically, you set user profile information in response to a user s selection, such as his or her preferred color or font size for your website. You might also allow users to enter and edit their profile information by using a web form. You do so in a way similar to how you might code any web form. You add controls to the page, validation, a Save button, and an event in your code-behind file to write the data to the data store. For example, suppose that you have a user profile that contains both first and last name along with the most recent time the user visited your site. In this case, you might start by creating a form to allow users to edit their name information. This form would contain a couple of TextBox controls, a Button control, and perhaps some validation controls. When the user clicks the Save button, you simply set the profile information and call the Save method. The following code shows an example.
The System.Object type offers a virtual method, named Equals, whose purpose is to return true if two objects have the same "value". The .NET Framework Class Library (FCL) includes many methods, such as System.Array s IndexOf method and System.Collections.ArrayList s Contains method, that internally call Equals. Because Equals is defined by Object and because every type is ultimately derived from Object, every instance of every type offers the Equals method. For types that don t explicitly override Equals, the implementation provided by Object (or the nearest base class that overrides Equals) is inherited. The following code shows how System.Object s Equals method is essentially implemented:
Figure 8-4. ANSI/ISO outer join syntax diagram
[StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, CharSet=CharSet.Auto)] class OSVERSIONINFO { public OSVERSIONINFO() { OSVersionInfoSize = (UInt32) Marshal.SizeOf(this); } public UInt32 OSVersionInfoSize = 0; public UInt32 MajorVersion = 0; public UInt32 MinorVersion = 0;
Securing Server Applications
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