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Figure 12-27
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In SQL Server 2000, remember to make all columns part of the key list, as the INCLUDE clause was introduced in SQL Server 2005.
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The first tool I'll show you is CommenTater, a cool macro that ensures your C# documentation comments are included and up to date. The first add-in, SuperSaver, fixes a problem with the way Visual Studio .NET saves files, adds background saving, and lets you add property pages to the Options dialog box. It's an excellent example of a complete addin but is small enough to wrap your mind around. The final add-in is SettingsMaster, which allows you to batch set or custom set build options so that with no work whatsoever you can use, for all types of projects, the build settings I recommended back in 2. Armed with SettingsMaster, keeping your team projects properly coordinated should be trivial. You won't have to manually change settings in a bunch of projects ever again! All these tools are available with this book's sample files.
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Issue the following UPDATE statement, which doubles the total quantity of all orders:
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The rst step was to analyze which pieces of identity information were common throughout the company and which were speci c to particular applications. The idea was to make maximum use of the existing investment in directory information. Upon review, Adatum discovered that their Active Directory store already contained the necessary information. In particular, the enterprise directory maintained user names and passwords, given names and surnames, e-mail addresses, employee cost centers, of ce locations, and telephone numbers. Since this information was already in Active Directory, the claims-based identity solution would not require changing the Active Directory schema to suit any speci c application. They determined that the main change would be to introduce an issuer of claims for the organization. Adatum s applications will trust this issuer to authenticate users. Adatum envisions that, over time, all of its applications will eventually trust the issuer. Since information about employees is a corporate asset, the eventual goal is for no application to maintain a custom employee database. Adatum recognizes that some applications have specialized user pro le information that will not (and should not) be moved to the enterprise directory. Adatum wants to avoid adding application-speci c attributes to its Active Directory store, and it wants to keep management as decentralized as possible. For the initial rollout, the company decided to focus on a-Expense and a-Order. The a-Order application only needs con guration changes that allow it to use Active Directory groups and users as claims. Although there is no immediate difference in the application s structure or functionality, this change will set the stage for eventually allowing external partners to access. The a-Expense application will continue to use its own application-speci c roles database, but the rest of the user attributes will come from claims that the issuer provides. This will provide single sign-on for aExpense users, streamline the management of user identities, and allow the application to be reachable remotely from the Internet.
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CREATE CREATE CREATE CREATE GO TABLE TABLE TABLE TABLE dbo.T1(a dbo.T2(b dbo.T3(c dbo.T4(d INT, INT, INT, INT, b INT, c INT, v1 INT); v2 INT); v3 INT); c INT, v4 INT);
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Objective 3.3
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Mail Manager
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Fast transfer format is an efficient means of transferring zone data that provides data compression and allows multiple records to be transferred per individual Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) message. Fast zone transfer is always used among Windowsbased DNS servers, so the BIND Secondaries option does not affect communications among Windows servers. However, only BIND versions 4.9.4 and later can handle these fast zone transfers. If you know your DNS server will be performing zone transfers with DNS servers using BIND version 4.9.4 or later, you should disable this option to allow fast zone transfers to occur.
Practice: Running Network Diagnostics and Netdiag Page 163 Tuesday, June 8, 2004 6:39 PM
Boolean Variables
symbian { TARGET.UID3 = 0xE1234567 }
Figure 4-2 The Program Compatibility Assistant appears when an installation program does not reach a successful conclusion.
C Example of a Good Declaration of a Character Array
Part I Overview and Configuration
FIGURE 7-3 Form header
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