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The Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable method returns a String containing the value of a specified environment variable, or null if the variable doesn't exist. The GetEnvironmentVariables method returns an IDictionary instance containing all environment variables; the variable names are the dictionary keys. The Environment.ExpandEnvironmentVariables method takes a single String argument; any variable names enclosed by the percent (%) character are expanded in the return value. For example, the following statement uses ExpandEnvironmentVariables to formulate a string containing the values of the OS and SystemRoot environment variables:
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As shown, there are three boundary cases: just less than max, max itself, and just greater than max. It takes three cases to ensure that none of the common mistakes has been made. The example on page TBD contains a test for m_employee[ ID ].governmentRetirementWithheld > MAX_GOVT_RETIREMENT. According to the principles of boundary analysis, three cases should be examined:
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Performing a Periodic Compute-Bound Operation
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I nd Microsoft Of ce Excel PivotTables or Analysis Services cubes extremely handy in analyzing such information graphically. These tools allow you to easily see the distribution of waits graphically. For example, suppose you want to analyze the waits over the period 20090212 through 20090213 using Excel PivotTables. Prepare the following IntervalWaitsSample view, which will be used as the external source data for the PivotTable:
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The Enable Netmask Ordering option is selected by default. This default setting ensures that, in response to a request to resolve a single computer name matching mul tiple host (A) resource records, DNS servers in Windows Server 2003 first return to the client any IP address that is in the same subnet as the client.
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This XML file gives a wealth of information to the CLR . Here s what it says:
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Because ColumnDefinitions and RowDefinitions are collections, each one has an ellipsis ( ) button to the right of the setting name. This indicates that another dialog box will open when you click the button. Select the button next to the ColumnDefinitions property setting, and the ColumnDefinition Collection Editor opens, as shown in Figure 2-13.
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Bind Variable Declaration ..................................................................................................................... 299 Bind Variables in SQL Statements ........................................................................................................ 300
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ASP.NET Dynamic Data can already route to custom pages you create. You simply need to follow the conventions already set up. You do not need to add custom routes. Instead, you create a new folder in the CustomPages folder and name this new folder with the name of an entity from your model. You then place appropriate action pages inside this folder (List.aspx, Edit.aspx, Insert.aspx, and so on). The default routing will look for pages in CustomPage first. You will walk through an example of creating a custom template page in an upcoming section.
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I will provide more details on the "generating duplicates" technique and its uses in 5. Going back to our original problem, you're supposed to generate row numbers for the rows of T1, based on col1 order. The first step in the solution is "collapsing" the rows by grouping them by col1. For each group, you return the number of duplicates (a count of rows in the group). You also return, using a subquery, the number of rows in the base table that have a smaller sort value. Here's the query that accomplishes the first step, and its output is shown in Table 4-24: SELECT col1, COUNT(*) AS dups, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM dbo.T1 AS B WHERE B.col1 < A.col1) AS smaller FROM dbo.T1 AS A GROUP BY col1;
FIGURE 12-8 XML element structure of the site map
Windows Server 2003 (Firewall) Output filter 2
Refreshing a List and Discarding Changes
Improved Load Balancing and Clustering Server Support
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FIGURE 7-7 Bushy plan
Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: NetBEUI cannot be installed on a computer running Microsoft Windows XP Professional. B. Incorrect: The laptop is already correctly configured with an IP address and subnet mask. Otherwise, it would not be possible to ping the other computers on the network. C. Correct: The laptop is obtaining its IP address automatically but is not obtaining the correct address for the New York DNS server. It is thus unable to obtain host name-to-IP-address resolution. This problem cannot be caused by incorrect configuration of the New York DHCP server because all your clients are operating cor rectly. The visitor s laptop must therefore be statically configured to point to the Seattle DNS server rather than to obtain the address of a DHCP server automati cally.
What was the value If a crash occurs, we'll never get to trace it later (Last) Known good execution Record the current input value What did we want to observe What did we observe (fail state observation) Formal summary of test case status Getting Started with AFA
GetCensus( inputFile, empCount, empData, maxEmps, inputError );
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