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Of course, you are welcome to define a type of your own that derives from a type that implements ISerializable s GetObjectData and special constructor . If your type also implements ISerializable, then your implementation of GetObjectData and your implementation of the special constructor must call the same functions in the base class in order for the object to be serialized and deserialized properly . Do not forget to do this or the objects will not serialize or deserialize correctly . The next section explains how to properly define an ISerializable type whose base type doesn t implement this interface . If your derived type doesn t have any additional fields in it and therefore has no special serialization/deserialization needs, then you do not have to implement ISerializable at all . Like all interface members, GetObjectData is virtual and will be called to properly serialize the object . In addition, the formatter treats the special constructor as virtualized . That is, during deserialization, the formatter will check the type that it is trying to instantiate . If that type doesn t offer the special constructor, then the formatter will scan base classes until it finds one that implements the special constructor . Important The code in the special constructor typically extracts its fields from the 2d barcode dll
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Host Windows Server 2003
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SELECT C.custid, companyname, orderid FROM Sales.Customers AS C LEFT OUTER JOIN Sales.Orders AS O ON C.custid = O.custid WHERE O.custid IS NULL;
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SQL offers several commands to implement data security and to restrict data access. First of all, access to the database must be defined. User authorization is implemented by providing database users a login name and a password, together with some database-wide privileges. These are the most important commands in this area: CREATE USER, to define new database users ALTER USER, to change properties (privileges and passwords) of existing database users DROP USER, to remove user definitions from the database
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12. Highlight the three Button controls and set the following properties: FontFamily: Verdana FontSize: 11 Width: 75 Margin: 5,5,5,5
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Let s try to enhance the query of Listing 8-5. In a third column, we also want to see the name of the department that the employee works for. Department names are stored in the DEPARTMENTS table, so we add three more lines to the query, as shown in Listing 8-6. Listing 8-6. Joining Three Tables select , , from , , where and e.ename employee 12*e.msal+s.bonus total_salary d.dname department employees e salgrades s departments d e.msal between s.lowerlimit and s.upperlimit e.deptno = d.deptno;
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} Throughout the chapter, I'll use the inline assembler to illustrate assembly-language operations such as parameter and variable access. If you want to see how each instruction operates, open the ASMer program included with this book's sample files. This sample program contains all the assembly-language examples that follow. Instructions You Need to Know There are many different instructions on Intel CPUs; the Intel Instruction Set Reference chapter for the Pentium Xeon is 854 pages. That doesn't mean there are 854 instructions; it means that it takes 854 pages to describe what the instructions do. Fortunately, many of the instructions aren't used in user-mode programs, so you don't need to be concerned with them. I'll cover only the instructions that are frequently used by the Microsoft code generator and the situations in which you'll commonly need them. The format I'll use is to describe a couple of instructions and then demonstrate scenarios in which they apply. Additionally, all the actual assembly language will be displayed as you'd see it in the Visual Studio .NET Disassembly window. That way, you'll get used to the real-world assembly language you'll be reading. Stack Manipulation PUSH Push a word or a double word onto the stack POP Pop a value from the stack Intel CPUs use the stack extensively. Other CPUs, which have many more registers, might pass parameters to functions in the registers, but the Intel CPUs pass most parameters on the stack. The stack starts in high memory and grows downward. Both these instructions implicitly change the ESP register, which reflects the current top of the stack. After a PUSH, the value in the ESP register decreases. After a POP, ESP increases. You can push registers, memory locations, or hard-coded numbers. Popping an item from the stack usually moves the item into a register. The key characteristic of the CPU stack is that it's a last in, first out (LIFO) data structure; if you push three registers to save their values, you must pop them off in reverse order, as shown here: void PushPop ( void ) { __asm { // Save the values in EAX, ECX, and EDX. PUSH EAX PUSH ECX PUSH EDX // Do some operation here that might destroy the values in each // of those registers. // Restore the previously saved registers. Notice that they are 274
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The overhead also contains the array s element type . I ll mention the methods that allow you to query this overhead information later in this chapter . So far, I ve shown examples demonstrating how to create single-dimensional arrays . When possible, you should stick with single-dimensional, zero-based arrays, sometimes referred to as SZ arrays, or vectors . Vectors give the best performance because you can use specific Intermediate Language (IL) instructions such as newarr, ldelem, ldelema, ldlen, and stelem to manipulate them . However, if you prefer to work with multi-dimensional arrays, you can . Here are some examples of multi-dimensional arrays:
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The second easiest statistic to work out is the number of characters in the file. As you ve collected the entire file into the text variable, and text is a string, you can use the length method that all strings supply to get the exact size of the file, and therefore the number of characters. To the end of the previous code in analyzer.rb, add the following: total_characters = text.length puts "#{total_characters} characters"
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Shared Assemblies and Strongly Named Assemblies
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For more details about using a DTC and transaction scope, see Distributed Transactions (ADO.NET) at and System. Transactions Integration with SQL Server (ADO.NET) at en-us/library/ms172070.aspx. The examples for this chapter contain one named Use a TransactionScope for a distributed transaction, which demonstrates the use of a TransactionScope with the Data Access block. It performs the same updates to the Products table in the database as you saw in the previous example of using a connection-based transaction. However, there are subtle differences in the way this example works. In addition, as it uses the Windows Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) service, you must ensure that this service is running before you execute the example; depending on your operating system it may not be set to start automatically. To start the service, open the Services MMC snap-in from your Administrative Tools menu, right-click on the Distributed Transaction Coordinator service, and click Start. To see the effects of the TransactionScope and the way that it promotes a transaction, open the Component Services MMC snap-in from your Administrative Tools menu and expand the Component Services node until you can see the Transaction List in the central pane of the snap-in. When you execute the example, it creates a new TransactionScope and executes the ExecuteNonQuery method twice to update two rows in the database table. At this point, the code stops until you press a key. This gives you the opportunity to confirm that there is no distributed transaction as you can see if you look in the transaction list in the Component Services MMC snap-in. After you press a key, the application creates a new connection to the database (when we used a connection-based transaction in the previous example, we just updated the parameter values and executed the same commands over the same connection). This new connection, which is within the scope of the existing TransactionScope instance, causes the DTC to start a new distributed transaction and enroll the existing lightweight transaction into it; as shown in Figure 3.
By contrast, the request path through IIS 7 .x is slightly different . Here s a request s path through IIS 7 .x: . . . 1 . . The browser makes a request for a resource on the Web server . 2 . . HTTP .SYS picks up the request on the server . 3 . . HTTP .SYS uses the WAS to find configuration information to pass on to the WWW Service .
Number Formatting in Charts
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
Execute Workflow Job In addition to proper permissions to the System Job entity, users need this privilege to execute manual workflow rules or automatic workflow rules. Import Customizations Dynamics CRM. Permits the user to import a configuration file into Microsoft
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