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Estimated lesson time: 30 minutes
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As mentioned earlier in this chapter, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 offers straightforward licensing options. Let s take a look at the software s licensing in more detail, starting with the on-premises edition.
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The Microsoft .NET Framework introduces many new concepts, technologies, and terms. My goal in this chapter is to give you an overview of how the .NET Framework is architected, introduce you to some of the new technologies the framework includes, and define many of the terms you ll be seeing when you start using it. I ll also take you through the process of building your source code into an application or a set of redistributable components (types) and then explain how these components execute.
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The Role headline answers the question the audience is silently wondering: Who am I here in this setting
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Figure 5-9 Making a heart out of a cloud All it takes is a couple of mouse clicks .
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Type Type Object Type object ptr Sync block index Static fields
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SqlCacheDependency dep = new SqlCacheDependency(database, table); Cache.Insert( SqlSource", data, dep);
Isolated Storage
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Tim Gorman has worked in IT with relational databases since 1984, as an Oracle application developer since 1990, and as an Oracle database administrator since 1993. He is an independent consultant ( specializing in data warehousing, performance tuning, database administration (particularly availability). He has been an active member of the Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group ( He has co-authored three previous books and taught classes and presented at conferences all over the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Tim lives in Colorado with his wife Lori and their four teenage children. He still can't believe that he gets paid for doing this and is officially one very happy guy.
Team Build Features
Part III
Besides being able to manage currently connected clients, you can also manage remote access clients in general by defining rules through remote access policies. For example, you can manage clients by restricting idle time, connection time, or access to specific parts of your internal network. You can configure these restrictions through a policy profile and apply them to any client type.
You saw the first view in action earlier in the SQL Server Audit Implementation section . The second view returns details of all configured audits and their status . This can be useful for finding out what is enabled and what isn t . The third view returns a list of securable classes . Similarly, there is a set of system views that provide details of audits:
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