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DECLARE @dbid AS INT, @traceid AS INT; SET @dbid = DB_ID('Performance'); EXEC master.dbo.PerfworkloadTraceStart @dbid = @dbid, @tracefile = 'c:\temp\Perfworkload 20090212', @traceid = @traceid OUTPUT;
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This query is incorrect for the same reason as the previous one, but it is clear that we have to complete aggregate binding for the entire query just to realize this. The MAX(T1.c2) in the inner query must be evaluated in the outer query much as it was in the query SELECT c1, MAX(c2) FROM dbo.T1; just shown, and therefore, the use of the nonaggregated column c1 in the SELECT list is illegal and the query is incorrect.
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22 CLR Hosting and AppDomains
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If you build and run this code where en-US is the thread s current culture, you ll see the following line of output:
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Most web server controls inherit from the WebControl class. All web server controls must contain a unique (at the page level) ID attribute value to provide a way to programmatically reference the control. The other attributes and properties of a web server control are used to control the look and behavior of the control. Table 4-1 lists the frequently used attributes and properties that all web server controls have in common. data matrix generator
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As you can see, you get back query signatures, which you can use to aggregate the trace data. Keep in mind, though, that query strings can get lengthy, and grouping the data by lengthy strings is slow and expensive. Instead, you might prefer to generate an integer checksum for each query string by using the T-SQL CHECKSUM function. For example, the following query generates a checksum value for each query string from the Workload table, and it generates the output shown in abbreviated form in Table 3-10: SELECT CHECKSUM(dbo.fn_SQLSigCLR(tsql_code)) AS cs, duration FROM dbo.Workload;
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Some websites will not function at all if you block their cookies . If you find that a particular site you trust does not let you on with your current privacy setting, you can make an exception for that site, and change your setting in Internet Explorer to accept all of that site s cookies, regardless of your current privacy setting .
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All order pipeline section classes support the simple IPipelineSection interface, defined as follows: < php interface IPipelineSection { public function Process($processor); } >
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