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The difference between code reading on the one hand and inspections and walkthroughs on the other is that code reading focuses more on individual review of the code than on the meeting. The result is that each reviewer s time is
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5. Data Types public class TopTenArtists { private string[] artists = new string[10]; public string this [int index] { get { if (index > 0 && index < 11) { return artists[index-1]; } else { return null; } } set { if (index > 0 && index < 11) { artists[index-1] = value; } } } }
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Table 5-7. Logical Functions Test for Conditions
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The next section identifies areas throughout the application where the status reason affects functionality within native dialogs. For all of the following examples, Dynamics CRM gives you the flexibility to add new and modify existing Status Reasons. However, you cannot modify the Statuses of those records.
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Add an image with clickable regions to the Web page
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his chapter covers performing a clean installation of Windows Small Business Server 2008. All installations of SBS 2008 are clean installs, because there is no direct upgrade path from an existing SBS installation only a migration. We ll cover migrations in detail in 7, Migrating from Windows Small Business Server 2003, so if you re installing in an existing Windows domain environment either SBS or Windows Server you ll want to jump ahead to 7. If you re installing in a virtual environment, and it s a fresh install, then go ahead and read this chapter, but hold off on actually performing any of the steps until you ve had a chance to read 6, Con guring SBS in Hyper-V.
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CREATE INDEX sk_custid_empid ON Sales.Orders(custid,empid); GO WITH TheseEmployees AS ( SELECT empid FROM HR.Employees WHERE country = 'USA' ), CharacteristicFunctions AS ( SELECT custid, CASE WHEN custid IN ( SELECT custid FROM Sales.Orders AS O WHERE O.empid = E.empid ) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END AS charfun FROM Sales.Customers AS C CROSS JOIN TheseEmployees AS E ) SELECT custid FROM CharacteristicFunctions GROUP BY custid HAVING MIN(charfun) = 1 ORDER BY custid; GO DROP INDEX Sales.Orders.sk_custid_empid;
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The certificate revocation validation works only as well as the CRL publish ing and distribution system. If the CRL in a certificate is not updated often, a certificate that has been revoked can still be used and considered valid because the published CRL that the authenticating server is checking is out of date.
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Run the following code to test the SQLSigCLR function:
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Entities list, expand the entity you want to edit, and then click Forms. The available forms for the entity appear, and you can select the one you want to customize. Tip You can also get to an entity s form editor directly from the Customize tab in that entity s
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Nested sets is one of the most beautiful and intellectually stimulating solutions I've ever seen for modeling trees.
More Info The coverage of SQL history in this chapter is based on an article from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and can be found at SQL programming has many unique aspects, such as thinking in sets, the logical processing order of query elements, and three-valued logic. Trying to program in SQL without this knowledge is a straight path to lengthy, poor-performing code that is dif cult to maintain. This chapter s purpose is to help you understand SQL the way its designers envisioned it. You need to create strong roots upon which all the rest will be built. Where relevant, I ll explicitly indicate elements that are speci c to T-SQL. Throughout the book, I ll cover complex problems and advanced techniques. But in this chapter, as mentioned, I ll deal only with the fundamentals of querying. Throughout the book, I ll also focus on performance. But in this chapter, I ll deal only with the logical aspects of query processing. I ask you to make an effort while reading this chapter not to think about performance at all. You ll nd plenty of performance coverage later in the book. Some of the logical query processing phases that I ll describe in this chapter might seem very inef cient. But keep in mind that in practice, the actual physical processing of a query might be very different than the logical one. The component in SQL Server in charge of generating the actual work plan (execution plan) for a query is the query optimizer. The optimizer determines in which order to access the tables, which access methods and indexes to use, which join algorithms to apply, and so on. The optimizer generates multiple valid execution plans and chooses the one with the lowest cost. The phases in the logical processing of a query have a very speci c order. In contrast, the optimizer can often make shortcuts in the physical execution plan that it generates. Of course, it will make shortcuts only if the result set is guaranteed to be the correct one in other words, the same result set you would get by following the logical processing phases. For example, to use an index, the optimizer can decide to apply a lter much sooner than dictated by logical processing. For the aforementioned reasons, it s important to make a clear distinction between logical and physical processing of a query. Without further ado, let s delve into logical query processing phases.
Sets the maximum number of processes that should be used by msbuild.exe to build the project. Instructs MSBuild to ignore the extensions passed. Speci es the version of the .NET tools that should be used to build the project. Used to specify whether nodes should be reused or not. Typically there should be no need to specify this; the default value is optimal.
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Every program uses resources of one sort or another, be they files, memory buffers, screen space, network connections, database resources, and so on . In fact, in an object-oriented environment, every type identifies some resource available for a program s use . To use any of these resources requires memory to be allocated to represent the type . The following steps are required to access a resource: 1. Allocate memory for the type that represents the resource by calling the Intermediate Language s (IL) newobj instruction, which is emitted when you use the new operator in C# . 2. Initialize the memory to set the initial state of the resource and to make the resource usable . The type s instance constructor is responsible for setting this initial state . 3. Use the resource by accessing the type s members (repeating as necessary) . 4. Tear down the state of a resource to clean up . I ll address this topic in the section The Dispose Pattern: Forcing an Object to Clean Up later in this chapter . 5. Free the memory . The garbage collector is solely responsible for this step . This seemingly simple paradigm has been one of the major sources of programming errors . How many times have programmers forgotten to free memory when it is no longer needed How many times have programmers attempted to use memory after it had already been freed In the native programming world, these two application bugs are worse than most others because you usually can t predict the consequences or the timing of them . For other bugs, when you see your application misbehaving, you just fix the problem . But these two bugs cause resource leaks (memory consumption) and object corruption (destabilization), making the application perform unpredictably . In fact, there are many tools (such as Microsoft s Windows Task Manager, Process Explorer, and Performance Monitor, and Rational s Purify) that are specifically designed to help developers locate these types of bugs . Proper resource management is very difficult and quite tedious . It distracts developers from concentrating on the real problems that they re trying to solve . It would be wonderful if some mechanism existed that simplified the mind-numbing memory-management task for developers . Fortunately, there is: garbage collection . Garbage collection completely absolves the developer from having to track memory usage and know when to free memory . However, the garbage collector doesn t know anything about the resource represented by the type in memory, which means that a garbage collector can t know how to perform step 4 in the preceding list: tear down the state of a resource to clean up . To get a resource to clean up properly, the developer must write code that
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