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While the Syndication module publishes an RSS feed for other sites to subscribe to your content, the Feed Display module allows you to subscribe to other site feeds for display on your Joomla site. In Figure 7-14, I ve subscribed to the CNN top stories RSS feed through the Feed Display module, and the top three stories are displayed in the right position of the page.
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Reload This operation reloads the stub zone from the local storage of the DNS server hosting it. Transfer From Master The DNS server hosting the stub zone determines whether the serial number in the stub zone s SOA resource record has expired and then performs a zone transfer from the stub zone s master server. Reload From Master This operation performs a zone transfer from the stub zone s master server regardless of the serial number in the stub zone s SOA resource record.
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You can use the glogin.sql and login.sql scripts to set various SQL*Plus system variables, userdefined variables, and column definitions. Listing 11-26 shows an example of a login.sql script, demonstrating that you can also execute SQL commands from this script. You can test it by saving this file to the right place and restarting SQL*Plus. Listing 11-26. Example of a login.sql Script -- =========================================== -- LOGIN.SQL -- =========================================== set pause "Enter... " set pause on set numwidth 6 set pagesize 24 alter session set nls_date_format='dd-mm-yyyy'; -- define_editor=Notepad /* for Windows */ -- define_editor=vi /* for UNIX */ clear screen
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As usual, you should explore further formatting attributes and characteristics of this worksheet on your own .
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AdventureWorks log ...
// Name of member // How to look up members // How to match members and arguments
SQL Server 2008 introduces support for ltered indexes and statistics. A ltered index is an index on a subset of rows de ned based on a predicate. Filtered indexes are cheaper to create and to maintain compared to non ltered ones because only modi cations to the relevant subset of rows need to be re ected in the index. Also, ltered distribution statistics (histograms) whether created on the rst index key column or otherwise are more accurate than non ltered statistics. That s because the maximum number of steps in a histogram is limited, and with ltered statistics that number is used to represent a smaller set of rows. I ll provide several scenarios in which you may nd ltered indexes useful. The rst scenario involves queries that lter data based on a column that has a large percentage of NULLs. When ltering rows based on a predicate in the form <column> <operator> <value>, the lter eliminates rows with a NULL in that column. The optimizer is well aware of this fact. Therefore, if you create an index on this column excluding rows where the column is NULL, the optimizer will still consider using the index for such predicates. The following example demonstrates this capability. Run the following code to create an index on the Sales.SalesOrderHeader table in the AdventureWorks2008 database with CurrencyRateID as the key and a lter based on the predicate CurrencyRateID IS NOT NULL:
Common Gateway Interface: Very Retro
The font scheme you select for your publication includes not simply one font in a particular style and size but instead two complementary styles one for headings and one for the body text of your materials. Each scheme has its own name (such as Deckle, Dictation, and Economy, as shown in Figure 7-6). To choose a font scheme, click the Font Scheme down arrow and scroll through the list to find and click the one you like.
Acceptable values for the XmlWriteMode parameter are WriteSchema, IgnoreSchema (the default), and DiffGram. The first two options serialize the DataTable with or without schema. The last one uses the DiffGram XML format. When the default XML format is used, WriteXml generates the following markup:
<Target Name="BuildProjects3"> <ItemGroup> <ProjectsToBuild Include="project1.csproj"> <AdditionalProperties> OutputPath=outputRoot\%(ProjectsToBuild.Filename); </AdditionalProperties> </ProjectsToBuild>
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