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Integrating QRCode in .NET Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming

The percentage line chart shows the development of eight operational key figures over a period of ten years . The chart basis here is the values from 1999, each of which has been equated with 100 percent . Therefore, the lines that trend upwards and downwards from the base line describe the direction and extent of any changes . Each line has an on/off switch to the right of the chart . Therefore, with a mouse click, a user can use a table that also acts as a legend to determine which lines should appear, how many of them, and in which combination . This produces a multifaceted, multivariable analysis: for example, how line A changes in terms of waveforms and intervals in relation to the 100 percent horizontal and in relation to line B, and at the same time to line C, or how B relates to C, or how does it look if and so on . These simple figures can provide a wealth of information and conclusions . Let s just answer one of these questions in the context of Figure 10-10 . (Since the different line colors can hardy be differentiated in the gray scale print of the book, you should use the file to follow along .) From 2001 to 2005, the company reduced its product range significantly . Around the same time from 2002 and steadily after that it witnessed a considerable rise in the number of high-revenue A customers and therefore (in a delayed yet pleasantly synchronous trend that did not seem to be coincidental) a significant jump in sales .
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The INDEX Function
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When this control is rendered, a <div/> tag is sent to the browser from the call to RenderBeginTag. The RenderContent method sends an <img/> tag and company name within the <div/> tag. The following shows the markup as sent to a browser.
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Making a-Expense use claims was easy with WIF s FedUtil. exe utility. See Appendix A.
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database. In production environments, paging typically involves dynamic filters and sorting based on user requests. To focus on the paging techniques, I'll assume no filters here and a desired order of OrderDate with OrderID as a tiebreaker. The optimal index for the paging solutions that I'll present follows similar guidelines to other TOP solutions I presentedthat is, an index on the sort column or columns and the tiebreaker column or columns. If you can afford to, make the index a covering index, either by making it the table's clustered index, or if it is nonclustered, by including the other columns mentioned in the query. Remember from 3 that in SQL Server 2005 an index can contain non-key columns, which are specified in the INCLUDE clause of the CREATE INDEX command. The non-key columns of an index appear only in the leaf level of the index. In SQL Server 2000, nonclustered indexes cannot include non-key columns. You must add additional columns to the key list if you want the index to cover the query, or you must make the index the table's clustered index. If you cannot afford a covering index, at least make sure that you create one on the sort+tiebreaker columns. The plans will be less efficient than with a covering one because lookups will be involved to obtain the data row, but at least you won't get a table scan for each page request. For sorting by OrderDate and OrderID, and to cover the columns CustomerID and EmployeeID, create the following index: CREATE INDEX idx_od_oid_i_cid_eid ON dbo.Orders(OrderDate, OrderID) INCLUDE(CustomerID, EmployeeID);
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This section explains how to convert an existing representation of a tree that is based on an adjacency list (parent-child relationships) to one that is based on the HIERARCHYID data type. Run the following code to create and populate the EmployeesOld table that implements an adjacency list representation of an employee tree:
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public Page(){ InitializeComponent(); this.Loaded += new RoutedEventHandler(Page_Loaded); } void Page_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { Uri uri = new Uri("sl.jpg",UriKind.Relative); theImage.Source = new BitmapImage(uri); }
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Case Scenario 2: Configuring Website Authentication
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public enum PokerChip : byte { Blue = 1, Green, // Automatically assigned the value 2 (Blue + 1) Red = 5, // Explicitly assigned the value 5 Orange = 10, Brown = 25, Silver = 50, Gold = Silver * 2, // Any determinable constant is acceptable Min = Blue, // Multiple members with the same value are ok Max = Gold
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If the type has been registered as a singleton, the container returns the singleton
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Transitions and transformations are two cool new things in CSS. Transitions are implicit animations that occur when a CSS property is changed. Transformations allow elements to be translated, rotated, and scaled in 2D and 3D space. While technically not part of HTML5 (these are actually CSS features not HTML), this new CSS functionality is one of the things people talk about when considering new features in HTML5.
// SQLSigCLR Funcion // Produces SQL Signature from an input query string [SqlFunction(IsDeterministic = true, DataAccess = DataAccessKind.None)] public static SqlString SQLSigCLR(SqlString inpRawString, SqlInt32 inpParseLength) { if (inpRawString.IsNull) return SqlString.Null; int pos = 0; string mode = "command"; string RawString = inpRawString.Value; int maxlength = RawString.Length; StringBuilder p2 = new StringBuilder(); char currchar = ' '; char nextchar = ' '; int ParseLength = RawString.Length; if (!inpParseLength.IsNull) ParseLength = inpParseLength.Value; if (RawString.Length > ParseLength) { maxlength = ParseLength; } while (pos < maxlength) { currchar = RawString[pos]; if (pos < maxlength - 1) { nextchar = RawString[pos + 1]; } else { nextchar = RawString[pos]; } if (mode == "command") { p2.Append(currchar); if ((",( =<>!".IndexOf(currchar) >= 0) && (nextchar >= '0' && nextchar <= '9')) { mode = "number"; p2.Append('#'); } if (currchar == '\'') { mode = "literal"; p2.Append("#'"); } } else if ((mode == "number") && (",( =<>!".IndexOf(nextchar) >= 0)) { mode = "command"; }
The Programming Interface of the Control
Part I:
Ch aPt er 6 CLa S S eS , OB J eC tS , a ND MOD U Le S
Figure 4-24. Leave the Display in and Parent Item parameters at their defaults.
Preparing and Producing Professional Results
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