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FIGURE 2-22 Send ExactTarget emails within Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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SELECT shipper_id, companyname FROM Sales.MyShippers WHERE shipper_id NOT IN (SELECT shipper_id FROM Sales.Orders WHERE custid = 43);
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When an object s Finalize method is called by the CLR, the Dispose method s disposing parameter is set to false . This tells the Dispose method that it shouldn t execute any code that references other managed objects whose classes implement a Finalize method . Imagine that the CLR is shutting down, and inside a Finalize method, you attempt to write to a FileStream . This might not work because the FileStream might have already had its Finalize method called, closing the underlying disk file . On the other hand, when you call Dispose or Close in your code, the Dispose method s disposing parameter must be set to true . This indicates that the object is being explicitly disposed of, not finalized . In this case, the Dispose method is allowed to execute code that references another object (such as a FileStream); because you have control over the program s logic, you know that the FileStream object is still open . By the way, if the SafeHandle class were sealed, the Dispose method that takes a Boolean should be implemented as a private method instead of a protected virtual method . But since the SafeHandle class is not sealed, any class that derives from SafeHandle can override the Dispose method that takes a Boolean in order to override the cleanup code . The derived class wouldn t implement the parameterless Dispose or Close methods, and it wouldn t override the Finalize method . The derived class would simply inherit the implementation of all of these methods . Note that the derived class s override of the Dispose method that takes a Boolean should call the base class s version of the Dispose method that takes a Boolean, allowing the base class to perform whatever cleanup it needs to do . This is exactly the case of the FileStream type that I used as an example: it derives from Stream that implements the Close and the parameterless IDisposable.Dispose method . FileStream simply overrides the Dispose method, which takes a Boolean parameter to dispose of the SafeHandle field wrapping the unmanaged file resource .
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Language C++ Java
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Lesson 2
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FIguRE 4-7 The Employee and Manager type objects are created just as M3 is being called .
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Recording and Watching TV
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You can open as many Command Prompt windows as you like. With each additional window, you start another Command Prompt session. For example, you might want to open two Command Prompt windows to see two directories in side-by-side windows. To open another Command Prompt window, type start or start cmd at the command prompt. (These commands produce the same result. If you don t type a program name after typing start, Windows assumes that you want to start Cmd.exe.)
he rst rule of patches is that Microsoft doesn t like that word. Microsoft uses several different terms, each with a slightly different meaning, but the
As you ve seen, the Canvas panel is a simple layout control. It can be used very effectively in a fixed layout. However, in most cases, you will want to use a static layout for your applications. The StackPanel control provides a more fluid layout control.
You will get the output shown in Table 9-39.
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