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Data Manipulation
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The WHERE lter is applied to all rows in the virtual table returned by the previous step. Those rows for which <where_predicate> is TRUE make up the virtual table returned by this step (VT2). Caution Because the data is not yet grouped, you cannot use aggregates here for example, you
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Introduction to Microsoft .NET Comparing Java and .NET Technologies
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Primitive Thread Synchronization Constructs
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Figure 4-14. Creating the RadioButton and CheckBox application
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type is a class, the class should be simple . The class should offer just one public constructor that accepts the attribute s mandatory (or positional) state information, and the class can offer public fields/properties that accept the attribute s optional (or named) state information . The class should not offer any public methods, events, or other members . In general, I always discourage the use of public fields, and I still discourage them for attributes . It is much better to use properties because this allows more flexibility if you ever decide to change how the attribute class is implemented .
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5 Solutions Overview and Concepts
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/Passwordreq:yes or Specifies whether the user account is required to have a nonblank /Passwordreq:no password .
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4 . . Add some content to each of the Views . You can think of the Views very much like panes . In this example, the views include labels that distinguish them . The following graphic illustrates how the Views look in the Designer:
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The first step in deploying VPN is setting up the physical and logical configuration of the VPN server. Based on the network configuration of the Contoso, LTD. corporate campus intranet, the VPN server computer is configured as follows: 1. Install hardware on the VPN server. The network adapter that is used to connect to the intranet segment and the adapter that is used to connect to the Internet are installed according to the adapter manufacturer s instructions. Once drivers are installed and functioning, both adapters appear as local area connections in Network Connections. In most cases, the Internet adapter is an Ethernet-based network adapter, which is attached to an external routing device that terminates the WAN connection. However, in some cases, it can be a WAN interface adapter such as a T1/T3 or Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) adapter. These connection types are all supported on Windows Server 2003. For simplicity s sake, we
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When you are building and debugging your Web applications using Visual Studio you place your markup in one le and the code behind the markup in a separate le. You could take the contents of the directory as is and allow IIS to compile the pages in place. The obvious problem to the approach is that you expose the code for your Web application on the Web server that is running it. Much better is to precompile the application into one or many assemblies and deploy those along with the page les. A WDP can be used for this as well as the other tasks listed previously. After you have installed the WDP add-in you can create a new WDP in Visual Studio by right-clicking on the desired Web application and selecting Add Web Deployment Project. This will show a dialog that prompts you for the name and location of the Web deployment project. Once you add the project you will see it in the Solution Explorer similar to the one shown in Figure 9-2.
Important Symbols defined by an enumerated type are constant values . So when a compiler
Interval 1 Interval 2 Result Interval 1 Interval 2 Result NULL
internal struct // Below are public const public const public const public const public const Color : System.Enum { public constants defining Color's symbols and values Color White = (Color) 0; Color Red = (Color) 1; Color Green = (Color) 2; Color Blue = (Color) 3; Color Orange = (Color) 4;
The basic datatype for time-related data is DATE. By default, date values are interpreted and displayed according to a standard date format, typically showing only the day, the month, and the last two digits of the year. You can change the default date format for your session or use conversion functions in your SQL commands to display dates in different ways. Internally, Oracle stores dates in such a way that DATE column values are allowed from the year 4712 BC until the year 9999. Oracle dates are internally stored with much more precision than you might expect on first consideration.
#region SomeClass related code public class SomeClass{ #region SomeClass data members // Declare fields and constants #endregion #region SomeClass function members // Declare methods, properties and operators #endregion } #endregion
Assembler Listings and Disassemblers
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