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During serialization, the formatter calls this method, passing you the type it wants to serialize . You can then return (via the two out parameters) the assembly and type that you want to serialize instead . If you return null and null (which is what the default implementation does), then no change is performed .
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CREATE EVENT NOTIFICATION ExternalActivationEvent ON QUEUE [dbo].[InventoryQueue] FOR QUEUE_ACTIVATION TO SERVICE 'ExternalActivationService' , 'current database';
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Application caching (also called application data caching) is the process of storing data (not pages) in a cache object. The cache object is available as a property of the Page object. It represents a collection class of type System.Web.Caching.Cache. The Page.Cache property actually uses an application-wide cache (not just a page-specific cache). This means that a single Cache object exists for your entire application; items in the Cache can be shared between user sessions and requests.
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The ValidationExpression attribute indicates that there must be five digits, optionally followed by a hyphen and four other digits. There s also a RegularExpressionValidator control associated with the ContactEmail field, and that ValidationExpression attribute is even more complex. Again, the MSDN documentation covers the regular expression syntax fairly completely.
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When a garbage collection occurs, objects B, E, G, H, I, and J are determined to be garbage . The garbage collector scans the finalization list looking for pointers to these objects . When a pointer is found, the pointer is removed from the finalization list and appended to the freachable queue . The freachable queue (pronounced F-reachable ) is another of the garbage collector s internal data structures . Each pointer in the freachable queue identifies an object that is ready to have its Finalize method called . After the collection, the managed heap looks like Figure 21-6 . In this figure, you see that the memory occupied by objects B, G, and H has been reclaimed because these objects didn t have a Finalize method . However, the memory occupied by objects E, I, and J couldn t be reclaimed because their Finalize methods haven t been called yet . A special high-priority CLR thread is dedicated to calling Finalize methods . A dedicated thread is used to avoid potential thread synchronization situations that could arise if one of the application s normal-priority threads were used instead . When the freachable queue is empty (the usual case), this thread sleeps . But when entries appear, this thread wakes, removes each entry from the queue, and then calls each object s Finalize method . Because of the way this thread works, you shouldn t execute any code in a Finalize method that makes any assumptions about the thread that s executing the code . For example, avoid accessing thread-local storage in the Finalize method .
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rather than predefining validation methods (on the server and in the client script), these pieces are left open . When you put a CustomValidator on a page, you assign it an associated control . Then, you refer to a validation function (that you write into the page) . You can also specify a validation script block to be shipped to the client and run along with the other client-side validation script . Finally, ASP .NET includes a new validator to support its Dynamic Data model: the DynamicValidator . You learn more about Dynamic Data in 20, Dynamic Data . The ASP .NET Dynamic Data model supports data-driven application development . The DynamicValidator control catches any exceptions thrown during data binding and validation, forwarding the exception as a validation event on the Web page .
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Lesson 2: Troubleshooting Websites
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The Start menu is generated by the contents of two folders:
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internal sealed class Singleton { private static Singleton s_value = new Singleton(); // Private constructor prevents any code outside this class from creating an instance private Singleton() { // Code to initialize the one Singleton object goes here... } // Public, static method that returns the Singleton object (creating it if necessary) public static Singleton GetSingleton() { return s_value; } }
DHCP: Seconds (secs) = 0 (0x0)
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Edit the Web.config file and set debug to false for the compilation element. Create a default error page. Add a customErrors element to the Web.config file. Set the defaultRedirect attribute to the name of the default error page. Set the mode attribute of the customErrors element to RemoteOnly. Run the Remote Debugging tool (msvsmon.exe) on the staging server. Connect to the ASP.NET process on the staging server from Visual Studio. You can use Web.config transformations (if you use the Publish Web dialog box) or Web.config replacements (if you use a Web Deployment Project) to automatically update the development environment s Web.config file for production use.
Figure 14-1 An RODC s property sheet showing its Password Replication Policy.
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After completing this chapter, you will be able to
These types of extensions are listed in order of ease of use. In versions of Visual Studio prior to 2005 the only way to extend the build process was to de ne a command, such as a batch le or external program, that would be executed before or after the build was completed. These are the pre-build event and post-build event respectively. These events are implemented using plain MSBuild properties and targets; there is no event construct in MSBuild les. These build events are still supported in current versions of Visual Studio, for backward compatibility and because the Visual Studio UI already supports this concept. You can enter these commands in Visual Studio on the projects properties page, in the build tab. A screen shot is shown in Figure 3-14.
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