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To allow Apache to properly handle the SEF URLs, you need to set up a custom Joomla .htaccess file in the root directory. For the Apache server, the Joomla installation includes a sample .htaccess file that has the proper configuration settings for the main directory to allow Joomla to handle the URL conversion. The configuration file, named htaccess.txt, will be located at the root directory of your Joomla site in a default installation file. To allow the Joomla execution of mod_rewrite, you will need to rename the file to .htaccess. To enable the htaccess.txt file included with Joomla, rename it to .htaccess (or ht.acl on Windows; see the following note for more information). Restart the Apache server so that the file will be correctly addressed.
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Find your saved console
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Figure 4-1 : Output of the Visual Basic .NET version of the ASP.NET example shown in Listing 4-3 I ve made some obvious syntax changes in this example, such as removing semicolons at the ends of statements, changing curly braces ({ and }) and the for loop syntax, as well as changing variable declarations. In addition, although I commonly use a variable named loop in C/C++ and now in C#, loop is a reserved word in Visual Basic .NET therefore, I changed the variable name.
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Dramatically faster process times when searching or updating files Easier and broader search capabilities Improvements in file organization, management, and selection Simplified file operations using the common dialog box design in Windows Vista Really Simple Syndication (RSS) support in Internet Explorer 7 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 enables you to receive RSS feeds on the Web or delivered to your Inbox Dramatic improvements in media capabilities including thumbnail representations, keyword cataloging, and easy transfer features for working with photos, video, music, and more in the documents and presentations you create
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Notice also the use of the Select keyword. This indicates what should be selected as the result of the query. In this example, this is the entire Employee object. In the example that follows, however, the Select keyword indicates that you want to return only the employee s first name. This will create a list of string objects (and not Employee).
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Although Security Center is designed to work with other security programs, some such programs are not properly recognized by Security Center. Using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) queries, it checks for the presence of other software, and also checks to see if the software (including its virus and spyware definitions) is up to date and whether real-time scanning is enabled. Some third-party security programs don t respond in an expected way, so Security Center doesn t recognize their existence. If you ve turned off Windows Firewall in favor of an unrecognized third-party firewall, Security Center indicates with a red bar that your computer has no firewall protection.
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The leaf level of the PK_Orders index contains fewer than 3,000 pages, compared to the 25,000 data pages in the table. Here are the performance measures I got for this query:
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User s Mask
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C# provides more inheritance modifiers than Java to accommodate the additional control over member inheritance provided by C#. See the "Versioning and Inheritance of Members" section in 5 for more details of inheritance in C#. Table 4-14 contrasts the Java and C# inheritance modifiers.
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Large Cave You are in a large cavernous cave
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Demystifying Delegates
In Derived s CompareTo method, I try to call base.CompareTo, but this causes the C# compiler to issue an error . The problem is that the Base class doesn t offer a public or protected CompareTo method that can be called; it offers a CompareTo method that can be called only
D. Use the classes in System.Data.Services.Client to write code to access the data
When you authenticate a user, you establish his or her identity . Although that information is sometimes useful by itself, a system becomes more secure when authentication is combined with authorization . Authentication establishes identity, whereas authorization establishes what users can do when they re logged in to your site . In the previous example, you added user roles to the site . The following example illustrates how to limit access to certain areas of your site based on the user s identity .
Sample of Visual Basic Code <Serializable()> _ Public Class Employee Public Sub New(ByVal empId As String) 'simulate looking up an employee Me.ID = empId Me.FullName = "Joe Developer" Me.Title = "ASP.NET Sr. Developer" Me.Department = "Application Development" End Sub Public Sub New() End Sub
FIGURE 14-2 The Action menu for a network card
Exporting to Excel from a Datasheet View
In principle, this technique should allow creation of code that redeclares recordCount in multiple loops without any risk of misusing the two different recordCounts. That usage would give rise to code that looks like this:
if ( WAIT_TIMEOUT == WaitForSingleObject ( g_hStartStopEvent , 0 )) { 682
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