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Using the Save To File Feature
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FIguRE 21-1 Newly initialized managed heap with three objects constructed in it
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Correct Answer: A
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In the light of these three research realities, you can see the stark contrast between BBP and the conventional approach to PowerPoint and why BBP gets dramatically better results. Now you can personally connect the dots between this research and the three views of PowerPoint by adopting a new metaphor, the eye of the needle, and by using the BBP approach to guide you through the challenges of creating powerful and effective presentations. Forget the old tricks of PowerPoint, because as you can see in this chapter, when you ignore the research realities, you use an approach that is broken, ineffective, and frustrating for audiences. Instead you can use an approach that xes the problems, is effective, and produces experiences that audiences nd engaging and meaningful. That s because you have now taught an old PowerPoint dog three new tricks, and with these new ideas in mind, you are ready to unlock the power of BBP in your own presentations as you turn now to 3.
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Windows Security Fundamentals
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If your installation required a restart, you ll be prompted to restart the server. You might as well do it now, because you can t install anything else while a restart is pending. If your installation requires a restart, be sure to log back on with the same account you used to add the Role. The installation can t complete until you log back on with that account. The Resume Con guration Wizard will open and complete the installation of the Roles and Role Services you selected. Click Close when the installation is complete.
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// Resolve a TraceManager object from the container. TraceManager traceMgr = EnterpriseLibraryContainer.Current.GetInstance<TraceManager>();
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// Loop through and find the functions to hook. while ( NULL != pOrigThunk->u1.Function ) { // Look only at functions that are imported by name, not those // that are imported by ordinal value. if ( IMAGE_ORDINAL_FLAG != ( IMAGE_ORDINAL_FLAG )) { // Look at the name of this imported function. PIMAGE_IMPORT_BY_NAME pByName ; pByName = MakePtr ( PIMAGE_IMPORT_BY_NAME hModule , , ) ; pOrigThunk->u1.Ordinal &
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Figure 8.7 The Capture icon. When you select an area of the screen by using the Capture icon, individual elements in the screen are selected in a rectangular box. For example, if you wanted to capture an image of a toolbar, drag the icon on the toolbar you want to capture and drop it on the toolbar. If you wanted to capture the entire window of a software application, drag the icon over the title bar of the application window and drop it.
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Course code; unique for each course Short description of the course contents Course type indicator (allowed values: GEN, BLD, and DSG) Course duration, expressed in days
Driver To Use. If Windows SBS 2008 already has built-in drivers for the printer, you won t need to provide additional ones.
Click OK and then click Yes in the warning dialog box. Close the Group Policy Management Editor to return to the Group Policy Management console and then close the console.
Major Version: 0x00000000 Minor Version: 0x00000000 Build Number: 0x00000000 Revision Number: 0x00000000 Locale: <null> Flags : [SideBySideCompatible] (00000000) CustomAttribute #1 (0c000001) CustomAttribute Type: 0a000001 CustomAttributeName: System.Diagnostics.DebuggableAttribute :: instance void .ctor(bool,bool) Length: 6 Value : 01 00 00 01 00 00 > ctor args: ( <can not decode> )
Figure 25-3 On the Log On tab, you specify which user runs the serice, and you can also specify which hardware profiles use the serice.
Presentation Solutions That Pack a Punch
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