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15 Dialog Processes
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After any command-line options, rdoc is suffixed with the filename(s) of the files you want to have RDoc document. Alternatively, if you specify nothing, RDoc will traverse the current directory and all subdirectories and generate documentation for your entire project.
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This section shows how to present the findings of a study . You were introduced to some of this data and its presentation in 2, which was concerned with evaluating customer numbers as part of a summer campaign . The following is a brief recap: a retail business with 100 branches launched a five-week promotional campaign to attract more customers into its branches and compensate for the expected seasonal dip in sales over the summer months . The chart s purpose can be summarized this way: we launched a campaign and now want to see if it attracted more customers and, if so, when, and to which branches . We will now take a look at the revenue findings from the same study, analyzing whether this summer campaign was successful in terms of revenue and, if necessary, how it succeeded . This model brings us back to the subject of filtering, which was mentioned briefly in 8, Chart Types Conventional and Exceptional . In this regard, the file 1004_ SummerCampaign.xlsx contains two options that are based on different objectives or requirements:
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If what you crave is the latest operating-system feature set on a Windows 2000 style desktop, Windows Vista will accommodate you . In fact, the Color Scheme list shown in Figure 3-2 includes two options Windows Standard and Windows Classic that will recreate the look and feel of earlier days . If you re really into right angles, check out these color schemes . (There s not a lot of difference between the two .)
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Regular automatic scanning is normally sufficient for identifying and resolving spyware problems. However, if you suspect that you ve been infected or if you ve disabled automatic scanning you can scan on demand. To immediately run a quick scan, simply click the Scan button in the toolbar. If you want to run a full scan, which is a better option if you suspect infection, click the arrow next to the Scan button and click Full Scan. The Custom Scan option lets you narrow your scan to the drives and folders you specify.
Releasing Session State
A. Incorrect: A DataSet object is used to represent in-memory versions of data tables. B. Incorrect: The XElement class is used by LINQ to XML to work with XML data. c. Incorrect: The ObjectContext class is used by the Entity Framework and LINQ to Page 106 Wednesday, June 9, 2004 5:25 PM
all running instances of your service, you cannot verify correct behavior just by browsing the service. Instead, you should use instrumentation such as trace messages and performance counters within the service roles to create the appropriate information that identifies the performance of each role instance. If you want to upgrade only a specific role within each domain, you can specify this role when performing a manual upgrade and it will apply to only that role. This means that you may be able to maintain state if it is held in a role that you do not need to upgrade. You can initiate an in-place upgrade using the Upgrade button on the Hosted Service page of the Windows Azure portal. You specify the following settings before you start the upgrade: Upgrade Mode. Select Automatic to upgrade all domains or Manual to upgrade one domain at a time. Package. Select a service package to upload from your local file system or a service package located in BLOB storage. Configuration Settings. Select a configuration file to upload from your local file system or a configuration file located in BLOB storage. Service Deployment Name. Specify a name for the updated deployment. Service Upgrade. Specify if you want to upgrade all the roles within the service or a single role. Alternatively, you can use third-party tools or the Windows Azure Service Management API to initiate an in-place upgrade. The next section describes the Windows Azure Service Management API.
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