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Communicating and Collaborating: People and Processes
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Now, Microsoft realizes that the most-used native resources are those resources provided by Windows . And Microsoft also realizes that most Windows resources are manipulated with handles (32-bit values on a 32-bit system and 64-bit values on a 64-bit system) . Again,
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Windows Server 2003 supported using Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 as a virtualization solution. Virtual Server is not a hypervisor-based virtualization: It is designed to run on top of an existing operating system the host operating system and provide an emulated hardware environment for guest operating systems, as shown in Figure 6-2.
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Minimally Logged Inserts
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Obviously, the ability to define generic reference and value types was the main feature of generics . However, it was critical for the CLR to also allow generic interfaces . Without generic interfaces, any time you tried to manipulate a value type by using a non-generic interface (such as IComparable), boxing and a loss of compile-time type safety would happen again . This would severely limit the usefulness of generic types . And so the CLR does support generic interfaces . A reference or value type can implement a generic interface by specifying type arguments, or a type can implement a generic interface by leaving the type arguments unspecified . Let s look at some examples . Here is the definition of a generic interface that ships as part of the FCL (in the System.Collections.Generic namespace):
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Pascal Example of Better Type Creation
6 Type and Member Basics
On the Companion CD Open the file \Samples\0304_Columns.xlsx on the CD-ROM . Its Symbolism The two-dimensional column (even if it is not filled) is an area and therefore has content . The two-dimensional column also already works as an object: It has weight, volume, and sometimes mass . It stands firm on a base and represents something . A column can t be attached to something . It can float, but only if a color has been assigned to define its lightness . The wider and/or darker a column, the heavier it seems . A column that is wider than its height has a chunky appearance . The more columns are displayed next to each other, the less meaningful each individual column becomes . The smaller the gap between columns, the less significant the space between each column . The narrower the column, the more vulnerable it seems and the more weight it loses . Columns soar from the base and aspire . The distance covered we do not perceive to be a distance, but rather an extent . Its highest point does not define its perceived value; that is, the column is primarily regarded and evaluated as a whole . Clustered Columns This example is provided in the Columns 1 worksheet and in Figure 3-13:
public sealed class CallMe<TReturn, TKey, TValue> : MulticastDelegate { public CallMe(Object object, IntPtr method); public virtual TReturn Invoke(TKey key, TValue value); public virtual IAsyncResult BeginInvoke(TKey key, TValue value, AsyncCallback callback, Object object); public virtual TReturn EndInvoke(IAsyncResult result); }
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