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Manually, by the user As a child process of another dialog
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Availability for free download: In the interest of readers being able to download, test, and deploy extensions that add these features, I have chosen to include only those that are freely available. Some fine commercial components match or surpass the capabilities of the extensions presented here. When possible, I have also mentioned popular commercial extensions that target the same field as the extension being discussed. High user rating on the Joomla extensions directory site: Most of the selected extensions are the best-of-breed for use with Joomla. However, don t let this stop you from evaluating other extensions that may better cater to your virtual community needs. Application development, particularly open source development, is somewhat like a horse race, with the various contestants constantly jockeying for position. As time goes on, one extension will pull ahead in features and usability, only to fall behind the next month as new versions of other add-ons are released. The community functionality that can be added to any Joomla site includes newsfeed subscriptions, user article ratings, web poll surveys, guestbooks, user comments, event calendars, and forum/message boards. None of these extensions rely on any other, so there is no reason to read the following sections sequentially. You can read only the sections about the technology that interests you.
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csc /target:library StringPrinter.cs AssemblyInfo.cs gacutil -i StringPrinter.dll csc /target:exe NewClient.cs /reference:StringPrinter.dll del StringPrinter.dll
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Dialog templates provide an easy way to replicate dialog processes. To create a dialog process that can be used as a dialog template, choose to activate the process as a Process Template in the Activate As field on the Process form. After creating a template, you ll be able to select it when creating a process from an existing template for the specified entity, as shown in Figure 15-9. When you create a process from an existing template, all of the properties, including input arguments, variables, and steps from the selected template will be copied to your new process. Similar to workflow templates, dialog templates can save a lot of time if your organization uses a number of similar processes. Of course, if the dialog processes are exactly the same, creating a single child process which gets called from other dialog processes might be the best design option to consider.
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Configuring the DHCP Server
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The following code shows a simple SOAP envelope that invokes a GetSalesReport method on the specified Web server: POST /salesreport/SalesReportService.asmx HTTP/1.1 Host: expo-star Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8 Content-Length: length SOAPAction: "xmlnet/cs/0735618011/GetSalesReport" < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > 455
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Saving Commands
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Windows Firewall Windows Firewall is substantially changed from the version in Windows XP. Significantly, it is now a two-way firewall, monitoring outbound traffic as well as inbound. With its advanced configuration console, administrators have much greater control over firewall rules and other settings. Windows Defender Windows Defender, an antispyware program, continuously monitors to prevent the installation of known spyware and to alert you to the presence of spyware-like activity. Internet Explorer Internet Explorer runs in Protected Mode, which lessens the likelihood of installing malicious code. Effectively, it runs isolated in a sandbox with reduced privileges, able to write data only in a temporary files folder unless you grant permission to act outside the protected area. Other security improvements to Internet Explorer include a phishing filter and restrictions on ActiveX controls. (For more information, see Internet Explorer Security and Privacy Options, in 6.) Parental Controls Parental Controls provide tools to help parents guide their kids use of the internet, games, and other programs. Data redirection While running under a standard user s account, an application that attempts to write to a protected system folder (such as %ProgramFiles% or %SystemRoot%) gets transparently redirected to a virtual file store within the user s profile. Similarly, if an application attempts to write to system-wide areas of the registry (such as the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive), it gets redirected to virtual keys within the user s section of the registry. Applications that attempt to read from these protected file and registry locations look first to the virtual stores. File and registry virtualization allows standard users to run older applications including many of those that required administrator access under Windows XP while at the same time preventing malicious applications from writing to areas that could bring down the entire system. Buffer overrun protection Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) is one of several underlying technologies, new to Windows Vista, that defend against buffer overrun exploits. With ASLR, each time you boot Windows Vista, system code is loaded into different locations in memory. This seemingly simple change stymies a class of well-known attacks in which exploit code attempts to call a system function from a known location. ASLR and numerous other esoteric programming changes are one result of Microsoft s adoption of the Security Development Lifecycle (, a process that minimizes security bugs in program code. Additional security on 64-bit computers With the 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, only digitally signed device drivers can be installed. This feature, called PatchGuard, ensures that kernel-level code is from a known source and has not been altered, as a means to prevent the installation of rootkits.
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Remove Legacy Group Policies and Logon Settings
Keep in mind that on a clustered table, nonclustered indexes will use clustering keys as row locators. In our case, the clustering keys contain the orderdate values, which can be used for covering purposes as well. Also, the first (and, in our case, the only) key column in the nonclustered index is the orderid column, which is the column specified in the ORDER BY clause of the query; therefore, an ordered index scan is a natural access method for the optimizer to choose. Figure 3-29 illustrates this access method, and Figure 3-30 shows the query's execution plan.
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ECP is a functional testing technique used to design a set of black box or white box tests to evaluate the functionality of input or output parameters. The technique is not a systematic procedure intended to evaluate boundary conditions, interdependent parameter combinations, or sequential or ordered inputs. Input and output conditions are generalized into two separate classes: valid class data, which returns a positive result or does not produce an error condition, and invalid class data, which ideally generates error messages. The data in each class is further decomposed into subsets in each class. In a test, any data element from a specific subset in a given class should produce the same exact result regardless of which data element from that subset is used. There are four useful heuristics for decomposing data into subsets: range of values, similar groups of variables, unique values, and special values. Equivalence class partitioning is a useful technique used to reduce the number tests from all possible tests logically and methodically. When combined with stochastic data generation, the execution of ECP tests increases the breadth of coverage beyond simple static variables, effectively increasing overall confidence while also testing for robustness. Although application of the ECP technique often requires more time as compared to simply plugging in likely variables and a few variables that have proved problematic in the past, there are several significant benefits to equivalence class partitioning. When applied correctly this technique can do the following: Force the tester to perform a more detailed analysis of the feature set and the variable data used by input and output parameters Help testers identify corner cases they might have overlooked Provide clear evidence of which data sets were tested and how they were tested Increase test effectiveness systematically, which helps reduce risk Increase efficiency by logically reducing redundant tests However, equivalence class partitioning is not a silver bullet, and the effectiveness of the ECP technique in detecting anomalies in the software and increasing test coverage primarily depends on testers' skills and in-depth knowledge of the domain space and the overall system. When used properly, the ECP technique is a valuable tool in a tester's toolbox and can often expose corner cases or test data that might not otherwise be used in other testing approaches. Single Fault Assumption The single fault assumption in reliability theory states that failures are rarely the result of the simultaneous occurrence of two or more faults. So, the primary purpose of ECP testing and boundary testing is to expose single faults, especially at linear boundaries of variables or at the so-called corner cases of equivalent data that might be handled differently by the application. Both ECP and BVA techniques are designed to provide a more rigorous inspection and systematically evaluate discrete
Log On As Local Service Local Service Local Service
1066 Appendix C Using and Customizing Microsoft Management Console
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