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In this section we ll take a look at a few other important concepts related to SQL Server Audit, based upon the audit we set up during the implementation of our scenario . In particular, we ll spend some time looking at the management of the auditing system and the interaction of auditing with database schemas .
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If the optimizer compared the cost of every valid plan and chose the least costly one, the optimization process could take a very long timethe number of valid plans can be huge. Therefore, the optimization is broken up into three search phases . A set of transformation rules is associated with each phase. After each phase, SQL Server evaluates the cost of the cheapest query plan to that point. If the plan is cheap enough, SQL Server ends the optimization and chooses that plan. If the plan is not cheap enough, the optimizer runs the next phase, which contains an additional set of usually more complex rules. Many queries, even though they are complicated, have very cheap plans. If SQL Server applied many transformation rules and tried various join orders, the optimization process could take substantially longer than the query execution itself. Therefore, the first phase of the cost-based optimization, Phase 0, contains a limited set of rules and is applied to queries with at least four tables. Because join reordering alone generates many potential plan candidates, the optimizer uses a limited number of join orders in Phase 0, and it considers only Hash joins and Nested Loops. If this phase finds a plan with an estimated cost below 0.2, the optimization ends. The queries with final query plans produced by Phase 0 are typically found in transaction processing applications; therefore, this phase is also called the Transaction Processing phase . The next step, Phase 1 or Quick Plan optimization, uses more transformation rules and tries different join orders. When the phase is completed, if the best plan costs less than 1.0, the optimization ends. Up to this point, the optimizer considers only nonparallel query plans. If more than one CPU is available to SQL Server and the least expensive plan produced by Phase 1 is more than the cost threshold for parallelism (which you can determine by using sp_configure to find the current valuethe default is 5), Phase 1 is repeated with the goal of finding the best parallel plan. The costs of the serial and parallel plans obtained in Phase 1 are compared, and Phase 2, the Full Optimization phase, is executed for the cheaper of the two. Phase 2 contains additional rulesfor example, it uses Outer Join reordering and automatic Indexed View substitution for multitable views. Figure 2-7 shows the phases of query optimization in SQL Server 2005.
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Query Tuning
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The following types of reader aids appear throughout the training kit:
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Controls added from the Toolbox already have design-time support; that is, you can see them in the Design view of the page and work with their properties in the Properties window. However, you might want to alter the default rendering of the control in design mode. In addition, some controls might not be visible because they contain code that must be run to populate specific properties. In these cases, you can specify a custom designer for your control. To do so, you start by adding a reference to the System.Design.dll assembly in your custom server control. You then create a new class in your user control that inherits from the ControlDesigner class. This class will override the GetDesignTimeHtml method of the ControlDesigner class to render separate design-time HTML that can be set based on the property settings of the control instance. You then apply the Designer attribute to your control. To this, you pass an instance of your ControlDesigner class. For example, suppose you want to customize the design-time view of the LabelTextBox control. You might set the control to display a reminder to users when they have not yet set the PromptText property. To get started, you add a new class to your control and make sure it inherits from ControlDesigner and overrides the GetDesignTimeHtml method. This override should get an instance of the control and check it to see whether the PromptText value has been set. If not, it should display an alternate view. The following code shows an example. (This code requires a project reference to System.Design.)
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Using the BitArray class s indexer is incredibly simple:
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In this exercise, you create a new website, add a web user control, and define the user control s functionality.
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C# Code
The binval column shows the val column in base 2 representation, with leading zeros to create a string with a fixed number of digits. Of course, you can adjust the number of leading zeros according to your needs. In my code samples, I did not incorporate the invocation of this function to avoid distracting you from the techniques I want to focus on. But I did invoke it to generate the bit representations in all the outputs that I'll show.
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Verify that the calling router and the remote access policy corresponding to
It s possible that the role could fail after it adds the survey data to BLOB storage but before it adds the message to the queue. In this case, the response data would not be included in the summary statistics or the list of responses used for paging. However, the response would be included if the user exported the survey to SQL Azure.
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